PRIZE : WPT Package
  • START TIME26th Sep, 2017
  • ENTRY FEEReal Cash
  • GAME TYPETexas Holdem

WPT India

WPT India is all set to Kick -Off on November 13-19. WPT India 2017 saw some very healthy numbers in the ₹55,000 Main Event last year with a staggering prize pool of Over 2.5 Crore.The series will be hosted at the Adda52 Live poker room onboard the biggest casino of India i.e. Deltin Royale in Goa.

Online satellites to WPT India will begin from 12th Oct & run through 11th Nov on Adda52. Make sure to join the satellite series and experience live poker in Deltin Royale.

WPT India 2018 Full Schedule

Know More About WPT India


  • Main event is Official AsiaPac and India Player of the Year event.
  • All number events are offical India Player of the Year events.
  • 1.5% of the prizepool will be held for staffing costs
  • All tournaments are freezeouts unless otherwise designated

Online Satellites

Tue-Sat12 Oct - 10 Nov9:30 PMWPT India ME Satellite - RE3000
Mon-Fri26 Sep-5 Nov2:30, 4:30, 7:30, 8:30 PMWPT India ME Step 1300
Sun21 & 28 Oct, 4 Nov9:30 PMWPT India Super Satellite - RE12500
Sun21 & 28 Oct, 4 Nov2:30, 4:30, 7:30, 8:30 PMWPT India Super Step 1 - RE750


1) Players need to register for WPT India Events at the venue. For registration all players will require an active Adda52 Account to complete the registration.

2) Mobile verification is mandatory for participation in the satellite.

‎3)Super Satellite Winner will get the ticket to all 4 events -  20K Kickoff NLH, 30K Superstack NLH, 55K Main Event, 100K High Roller with 7 Nights Twin-sharing accommodation (first-cum-first-serve basis or a reimbursement of up to 31,500) & flights reimbursement upto 10K. 

4) Multiple tickets for same event from any source can be used for re-entry.

5) In case of no show for satellite winners, the stack/buy-in will go in prize pool. If only a player is unable to join an event because he/she is playing another event simultaneosly, the unused ticket would be refunded in form of Instant Bonus (100%) or Real Cash post-tax.

6) In order to get the travel/stay reimbursement (as per eligibility) it’s must for the player to submit valid bills/invoices and boarding passes. In case users reimbursement bill value(for hotel and flight) is less than allocated amount(only for super satty winners), the remaining amount to be given to user post TDS as real or without TDS as IB. This does not hold true for non-super satty winners.

7) ‎The Tournament Director has the right to change table seating to accommodate players. His decision will be final in all matters.

8) All Satellite winners who come in the money will have to pay tax based on their Satellite Buy-in and/or rebuy-in amounts. 

9) Satellite winners will have to carry the Adda52 pass to participate in the event. Satellite winner will recieve it on their registered email ID.

10)‎ It would be mandatory for all satellite winners qualifying for WPT India to wear merchandise (to be provided by across the series.

11) Surrogate marketing will not be allowed. Guests would be requested to leave if found indulging any such marketing.

12)  ‎TDS applicable on all winnings above INR 10,000.

13) reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.


Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM

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