What is Online 3 Patti for Real Money India

What is 3 Patti Game?

Teen Patti is one of the most played variant of card games in India. Known as flush or flash, 3 Patti is a competitive game where the player with the best card combination wins the pot. Originated in India, the rules of 3 Patti are very similar to British game “3 Card Brag”.

How to Play 3 Patti Online for Real Money?

3 Patti can be played with 3 to 7 players with a deck of 52 cards without jokers. Like poker, the dealer distributes three cards face down anti-clockwise to all players sitting on the game table. Dealer is the player at the button randomly chosen at the start of the first game. Typically, winner of a hand becomes the dealer of the next hand. Betting begins from the player sitting immediate left to the dealer after card distribution and players need to act on their turn as per the strength of their cards. There is no limit to betting rounds in the game. The players who stay till the end (not more than two) need to show their cards and the player with the best high ranking hand wins the pot. If everyone folds except one player, the betting ends and the last player wins the pot.

Boot Amount (Minimum Bet)

Player needs to decide and put boot amount in the pot at the center of the table before the betting round. It is the minimum stake every player must add to the pot at the beginning of the game.


Players can bet after seeing their cards (Seen) or without seeing (Blind) by keeping their cards face down. Players who play blind can see their cards anytime during the game and play seen. The amount you can bet depends on the current stake and on if you are playing “seen” or “blind”. For the first player, the current stake is the boot money/ante.

When you play blind,

    • You need to bet equal to or twice the current stake if the player before you is playing blind
    • Half or equal to the current stake if the player before you is playing seen.

When you play seen (Chaal),

    • You need to bet twice the current stake if the player before you is playing seen.
    • Twice the current stake or four times the current stake if he is playing blind.

A seen player cannot demand a Show but he can request for a Side Show.

Side Show

When all players are playing after seeing their cards, a player, after betting twice the current stake, can request the player who bet before him for side show (compromise). It is up to that player to accept or refuse the request. If the player refuses, the betting continues. If he accepts, these two players can compare their cards and the player with low ranking cards needs to fold. If the cards are equal, the player who requested side show needs to fold.


A player can fold his cards anytime. The amount you have invested in the pot will be forfeited.

Hand Ranking

Trio/Trail/Three of a kind- 3 cards of same rank. E.g. Triple 1 or Triple 4.

Straight Run/Pure Sequence. - 3 cards of same suit in a sequence. E.g. K♠, Q♠, J♠ of Spade or 3 ♦ , 4 ♦ , 5 ♦ of diamond.

Normal Run/Sequence. - 3 cards in sequence but not of same suit. E.g. 2♣ of Spade, 3♣ of Club, and 4♦ of Diamond.  

Color-3 cards of same suit but not in sequence. E.g. 5♠, 7♠,10♠ of Club.  

Pair- 2 cards of same rank. The highest pair is A, A, K and lowest is 2, 2, 3. If two players have the same type of pair, kicker card determines the winner.

High Card- A hand not in sequence or same suit or color but with a highest ranking card. To determine the winner if two players have common high card, compare the second highest card, and then the third. The best hand with high cards is A, K, J and the worst hand is 5,3,2.

Teen Patti Vs Poker

In Teen Patti, some amount of strategy is deployed, however the result is too much dependent on chance. Therefore, Teen Patti comes under the category of ‘game of chance’ in India.

Poker is a exciting card game where a lot more strategy can be applied to determine your possibilities to win the game and decide your next move. Poker is a strategy-based game which improves the player’s mental agility and improves psychological traits such as concentration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making ability while at the same time providing the thrill and entertainment associated with a real money game.

Poker also offers players the opportunity to earn mind-blowing rewards. You can participate in online poker cash games and tournaments on Adda52 and win exciting prizes.

Adda52 hosts online poker contests with huge prize pools throughout the day. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple are the most popular variants of poker which are available on the site in cash games and tournaments formats 24x7.

Teen Patti Mobile Game Download

On most of the sites, you can find an option to download 3 Patti on your mobile and it feels good when you play the game on mobile rather than on desktop. But on this site, you can't find an option to download 3 Patti because we don't offer a platform for playing 3Patti. This post is for information purpose. Min. Requirement: For such game, you only need a basic 3G phone with more than 1GB Ram and you are all set to play online.

Adda52 does not host any variant of Teen Patti games in any format.

Online 3 Patti FAQ - 

Q - Can I play 3 Patti games on Adda52?

A - Adda52 does not host 3 Patti games in any format.


Q - Is 3 Patti a game of skills?

A - Unlike Poker and Rummy, 3-Patti is predominantly a chance-based game.


Q - Can I play 3 Patti games online?

A - There are a number of websites that host 3 Patti real money games around the clock.


Q - How to learn to play 3 Patti?

A - There are countless blogs, articles, discussion forums, and videos available online to help you learn the basics of the game.


Q - What does the game of 3 Patti have to offer?

A - 3 Patti is a fun game to play in your free time. Although it is not an ideal game to play with real money, the card game helps significantly in combating boredom and relieving stress.

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Customer Care
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