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What is Teen Patti and how it is different from Poker?

Teen Patti- also known as flash or flush- is a variant of card games which is originated in the Indian subcontinent and later spread throughout the world.

Although it is a common notion that Teen Patti is a form of poker, the truth is - they are not at all the same.

Unlike poker, Teen Patti is a luck-based game. Players make bets on which one of them has the best three-card hand on the basis of random guesses. As skills are not involved in Teen Patti, it is considered as a game of chance.

Poker is a skill-based game which is fundamentally different from other variants of card games, especially Teen Patti. It is a game or strategy and wits which challenges your logical reasoning, mathematical skills and knowledge of probability concepts. It is crucial to do strategic planning and preparation to achieve the desired results in Poker.

As per the ruling of Supreme Court of India, game of skills as those games where “success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience, and adroitness of the player”

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How to play Teen Patti ?

Teen Patti game can be played between 3 to 7 players with a deck of 52 cards (without joker cards). The dealer deals three cards face down counter-clockwise to all players. Every player puts up an ante (boot amount) into the pot (total money collected from the players at the center of the table) before picking the cards. Betting starts from the player sitting immediate left to the dealer. A player has to bet or Pack (fold his cards) on his turn as per the strength of his cards.

Players can see their cards before betting (seen) or play blind (without seeing their cards). Players who play

blind can play seen anytime during the game by seeing their cards. The amount you need to bet depends on the current stake and your game play (blind or seen). The current stake for the first player to bet is the boot money/ante.

When you play blind ,

  • You need to bet equal to or not more than twice the current stake if the player that bet before you is playing blind
  • Half or equal to the current stake if the player that bet before you is playing seen.

When you play

seen (Chaal),

  • You need to bet twice the current stake if the player that bet before you is playing seen.
  • Twice the current stake or not more than four times the current stake if he is playing blind.

Betting continues until (1) all players except one player have folded their cards. The surviving player becomes the winner. (2) All except two players have folded their cards. The remaining players reveal their cards and the best hand wins the pot.

Teen Patti Hand Ranking

Trio/Trail/Three of a kind- Three cards of same rank. E.g. Triple 5 or Triple A.

Straight Run. - Three cards of same suit in sequence. E.g. 2♣, 3♣, 4♣ of Club or J♠, Q♠, K♠ of Spade.

Normal Run. - Three cards in sequence but not of same suit. E.g. 10♠ of Spade, J♣ of Club, and Q♦ of Diamond.

Color-3 cards of same suit but not in sequence. E.g. J♠, 10♠, 9♠ of Spade.

Pair- 2 cards of same rank. The highest pair is A, A, K and lowest is 2, 2, 3. If two players have the cards of same rank, kicker card is compared to determine the winner.

High Card- 3 cards that are not in sequence or same suit or color but with a highest ranking card. If two players have a common high card, the second highest card is compared, and then the third. The best hand with the high card is A, K, J, and the worst hand is 5,3,2.

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