India Poker Legend


Do you dream to be a legend in the world of poker? India Poker Legend is all waiting for you where you can realise your dream. India Poker Legend (IPL) is one of the leading poker tournaments in India endorsed by The Shark, India’s first free poker magazine. India Poker Legend was held from 25th to 29th January, 2012, at the majestic and cosy poker room on board Casino Royale, Goa, India.  


India Poker Legend was formed with the objective to promote and expand the game of Poker in India and give the poker lovers a unique experience of playing this exciting game. Since its new avatar in August 2011 (earlier India Poker Open), many enthusiastic players have joined the tournament to perform their skills in playing poker by throwing challenges to their opponents.

Tournament Format

The first event, 3K 2X re-buy saw 51 entrants. The tournament saw a lot of new faces as the buy-in was low. After re-entries, the total number of players touched 91 and the 9 top players shared the prize. Niharika Bindra became the first lady to win at IPL.

At the 5K re-buy, Team Poker Guru pro Sangeeth Mohan won, proving his brilliance yet again. Naveen Jindal was the new player in the 15K freezeout (event 3) and surprised everyone by also winning it. To facilitate satellite entries, the organisers had conducted a 10k Super satellite with 4 seats guaranteed for the main event.


This open tournament is an invitation to all poker players across the country to join and win the title of “Players of the Year” (PsOY) that will be awarded to 3 players for their exceptional poker skills based on the 4 tournaments. The prize money is INR 300,000, INR 200,000 and INR 100,000/-

There was no cost of registration and for registered players, the entry is complementary. For participants registering for the 100K No Limit Hold’em Freezeout, India Poker Legend was offering early bird bonus that included free accommodation for 2 nights. Special rates were also available at the exotic Marriott (Miramar Beach) and splendid Taj Vivanta (Panaji) throughout the tournament.

Main Event

Beating 37 players with endurance and luck, Rahul Byrraju emerged as the winner of the INR 100K main event of India Poker Legend with a prize of INR 15 lacs.

Other games during the tournament include cash games for poker players with blind levels for all types of players starting at 100/200. One can request for still other games.

To participate in the thrilling India Poker Legend, all you have to do is register at the venue or register online with the details as required and you are in. So, if you want to play poker and become a legend then do not miss this notable tournament.

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