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Facebook, apart from being the most powerful social networking site is also becoming a popular space for poker enthusiasts. This popular social networking site has become a favourite destination for fun and excitement among poker players across the globe.

How? Well, the Facebook applications allow poker players to play their highly preferred game such as Texas Holdem Poker, round the clock, and to enjoy the real time experience of playing poker by playing with actual people from around the world.

For poker beginners, Facebook is a wonderful place to learn how to play poker. These beginners can play poker on Facebook absolutely free. They can also read about various trivias about the most popular card games, tournaments and other poker rooms. Players can also enhance their skills before joining or playing for real money. This application also allows the players to play without downloading any software.

A few poker applications that are highly liked & played on Facebook are mentioned below:

  • Zynga's Texas Hold’em – It is Zynga’s first social game and the world’s largest free-to-play online poker game. It allows players to join table and play against opponents from around the world. Players can also choose from casual Hold’em tables, play tournaments or VIP tables. Surprisingly, 4.1 million players visit daily to play this interesting game.
  • Poker Palace – Another highly visited poker room in Facebook that allows poker players to enjoy the real time experience while earning bonus. So far, 160,000 players have come to play poker here.
  • GameDesire’s Poker Texas Holdem – This poker room is available in 20 different languages making it convenient for players to choose a language of their choice.

The Facebook poker application are developed and designed in a user- friendly fashion. Moreover, to make the game more interactive in the Facebook, numerous Quiz applications are developed.

Zynga Poker offers free poker app on Facebook with an impressive 38 million (approx.)531,949 players who claim to "like" it. The applications are also developed to support Android and iPhones, allowing players to play while on the go.

Getting started is easy and simple. First sign up on www.Facebook.com. Now simply find your favourite poker application and start playing. On Facebook, players can practice virtual ‘poker face’ without spending a single penny. Additionally, Facebook Poker applications carry similar functionalities to online poker. The only dissimilarity is players can play for real money on poker websites while Facebook Poker application is free from such business.

So, whether you are new or a veteran poker player you can make use of the free Facebook Poker apps to practice by playing against friends or opponents from around the world.

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