Game Panel Information

You can get all the information about the table you want to join by simply clicking on Game Info. This option can be seen on the top right corner of the table. You can find following valuable information in “Game Info” :

Game Type: Type of game played on the current table. E.g. Ring , SNG (Sit and Go) and Tourney.

Game ID: Unique ID number of the game.

Blinds: Blind structure of the game.

Buy-In: Minimum and maximum amount required by a player to sit on a particular table.

Chip Type: Types of chips you can use to play in a game. Freeroll (Free chips)/ Real (real money chips)

Table ID: Unique auto genrated ID of the table. 

Raise: Increase the size of already existing bet in a round.

Fold to any bet: Fold on your turn to any bet.

Auto muck: This feature allows to muck (not show) your hand on a showdown.

Sit out: Click on the option to go on 'sit-out' mode for 10 minutes.

Sit out next BB: You will be on 'sit-out' mode when you become the big blind.

Auto-Rebuy (Cash Game Table): If you select 'Auto rebuy (to your buy-in amount)' in buy-in form while taking seat in ring games, it will refill your amount for that table with same chip stack with which you took seat when your lose all your chips. In case you have insufficient amount in account, you will be put on sit-out.

Turn Time: It is the time given to a player in which player needs to take action for his turn. This time varies across tables. If the player does not act within given turn time, he will get folded or checked depending upon the last player’s action. 

Join Similar: This feature allows the users to open and join multiple game tables with similar format, blind structure, chip type, buy-in, rake, etc. The number of  tables going to open depends on the occupancy on similar tables. If a table is preoccupied, the feature will not open that table. To use this feature, go to game panel and click on the tab “Join Similar” which is available on the right side of the table.

Anti Banking: If player leaves the table after winning a pot, he cannot join it back for next 20 minutes with stack less than what he had when he sat previously on the table.

Time Bank: Reserved time to utilize on a table if the player is not able to decide his move within turn time. Whenever player needs time, he can use the time bank until it gets empty. The time bank will be full again after playing certain number of turns mentioned in 'info panel'. Eg. Time bank: 30sec/8Turns, means even if player has consumed all 30 seconds time bank, he needs to play 8 turns to get the time bank of 30 seconds again.

Lobby: On the top right side of the screen, there is LOBBY tab, which takes you to the game lobby where you can choose and join the game type you prefer to play from various available tables. You can get all information about the table like - game format, blind structure, buy-in, number of users players on the table, etc easily in the lobby.

This feature is not available for Mozilla Firefox players.

Dealer Chat: Dealer chat displays the actions happening on the table.

Chat: This feature allows the player to chat with all the other players currently sitting on the table. It works as a forum for interactive session amongst the players where they can interact and share their views and opinions with each other related to the hand they are playing. Click here for more information. 

Hands: Poker hand ranking.

Notes:  Player can write private notes about others players. It allows the user to keep records about opponent’s game play, cards, bets, and other important information.

Stats: Player can see all statistical information about total hands dealt, total flops seen, total buy-in, total pots won, your chip stack, etc on the current table.

Report Issue: Players can report any issue related to game play.

Replayer: Replayer or History Replayer feature allows the player to view recording of all hands he played within last three months. Replayer can be accessed through 'Options' as ‘History Replayer’ in game lobby or through ‘Replayer’ icon provided in game area top left corner. Currently Replayer feature is not available for any game type under Freeroll and Crazy Pineapple variant in Real section.

Buy Chips: Player can buy cash chips to play on the table. Click here to know more about buying process.

Top Up: Player can add more chips automatically after each round whenever his chip stack falls below his desired amount upto the table maximum amount. Player can request for top up in the middle of the game but the request processes when the new hand starts. Top up depends on the buy-in of the particular table. e.g. on a table with buy-in of 100/400, player can top up to minimum 100 or maximum up to 400 chips if his chip stack is below minimum buy-in. In case, player has chips more than the table minimum buy-in amount (100 chips) and lesser than the table maximum buy-in amount (400 chips) , he can top up to minimum 1 chip upto table maximum buy in amount (400 chips). Also, if the user has requested top Up, and he wins that hand, and his stack becomes more than the maximum buy in amount (400 chips), the top Up request will be cancelled automatically.

Open Tables: To see the list of all tables player is currently playing on.

Views: This feature allows the player to view and play on multiple table at once. Player can open all tables in tile (side-by-side) or casacade mode.

Auto action: This feature allows the player to set automatic actions on a table to speed up the game and ensure uninterrupted game play. The system acts on your behalf as per your preferences and instructions.

Here are the auto actions you can select from in the game panel:

Fold: Cards will automatically fold on player’s turn. Click on the option to throw away your cards if you are not confident about the strength of your cards.

Call: Call a specific bet in a round.

Call any: Automatically call any bet placed by opponents.

Check/fold: Automatically check If nobody raises before your turn, otherwise fold.

Check: Check/pass on turn.

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