29 Poker Things To Do

The leap year comes once every four years and gives you #1MoreDayToPlay! Here are 29 things a poker player can do to make 29th Feb extra special.

  1. Share your love of the game with others. Call over your non-poker friends, indulge in a few poker games and it will be the easiest money you have ever made.
  2. Tape yourself playing poker and identify your ‘tells’. You will also have the opportunity to admire yourself.
  3. Educate others that poker is a skill based game. The bonus would be proving that you are a very intelligent person.
  4. Watch videos of pros bluffing successfully. You never know when you might get a chance to play against them.
  5. Experiment with Tight-Aggressive game and Loose-Aggressive game or make up your own style.
  6. Teach someone the tricks of the game but make sure you always keep a few secret.
  7. Maybe finally tell your parents that you play poker online… Maybe not. You can think about it in the next leap year, 2020.
  8. Try another version of poker – maybe crazy pineapple that you have heard people raving about.

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  1. Download a poker app in your phone and play the day away. Who needs to eat or sleep.
  2. Join a poker community on Facebook to gain insights on Indian poker industry, however biased it might be.
  3. Search for a poker mentor whose vast knowledge can help you grow and whose tricks you can steal.
  4. Gift yourself or another player with something special, like a poker chip set or that really expensive aviators you were eyeing.
  5. Read poker strategy to overtake your opponents but you might not find this in your local library.
  6. Get your friends together and plan a long poker trip. It could be in India or an international one.
  7. Just log-in to your favorite poker site and start playing online poker game.
  8. Connect with other online poker players if you can find them via their online usernames.
  9. Think of more ideas to enhance your playing style. It could easily be a task for the whole day.
  10. Practice! Practice! Practice! Enough said.
  11. Go play a live poker game with strangers. Friends know you too well, its more exciting to give your money away to a stranger.
  12. Brush up on the rules, for live and online poker. Revision never hurts anyone.
  13. Play a tournament for the first time. You can play it for the second, for the third… for the nth time too.
  14. Listen to a podcast for tips, or insights, or news, or trends or just to hear a human sound.
  15. Go to a poker news site and update yourself with current events. The more you know… the more you know.
  16. Research poker slang to flaunt your poker knowledge. Even if it might be the only thing you know about poker.
  17. Try another mind game like chess to exercise your muscles. Not the ones in your hand, but the ones inside your skull.
  18. Go shopping for poker accessories like headphones or maybe that expensive Apple watch which experts say will help your poker game.
  19. Find the experts or pros and become their protegee to climb the poker ladder. Psst… you get free travel to international poker destinations once you become a pro.
  20. Spread the joy and share your poker achievements. In case you don’t have any yet, bluff.
  21. Or you can take a poker break! Break from playing poker or break to play poker…you decide.

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