4 Big Reasons Why Should Play Freezeout Poker Tournaments

A poker tournament is a game of cards with a fixed format wherein everything is pre-determined- the blinds, buy-in, stack size, antes, structure, time limit and prize pool. There are lots of tournaments you can play in. One of the most popular among these tourneys includes freezeout tournament, which is run by almost all popular online poker rooms. To be precise, it is a poker tournament without re-buys and add-ons. Every player gets one single buy-in and after losing his or her chips, the player is out of the tournament. The player is not able to re-enter or re-buy into the tournament once chips run out.

A freezeout poker tournament continues buzzing with action until all the players get eliminated. It kicks off with many players coming to fight it out across various tables in the tournament. It becomes more interesting and competitive when the tables become smaller and are combined with other tables. The competition, however, reaches its peak when all the tables have been combined to form one final table. Later, the players at the final table fight it out for the title and the top prize until one player is left in the competition with all chips in hand. That one remaining player gets the top prize.

A freezeout tournament is altogether different from re-buy tournament wherein if you lose your chips, you will re-buy more chips for the same amount as the initial buy-in and will be able to play again.

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There are many reasons to play the freezeouts, some of which may include the followings:

Quality Game Play
A freezeout ensures quality game-play which does not allow you to put unnecessary pressure on others. Since you don’t have the option to re-buy more chips and return to the game, you play carefully and avoid raising or going all-in unnecessarily. Instead of losing your chips, you a try to build chips in such games. So, it is quality gameplay wherein every poker player is playing very sensibly.

Improve Poker Talent & Skills
Unlike re-buy tourneys which allow players with thicker wallets to overcome their lack of skills by re-buying and getting back into the game, freezeout tournaments don’t allow re-buys and hence are good for players who bank on their skills only. By playing such tourneys, you learn the value of patience in poker. At the same time, you also learn how to play poker sensibly and win against tough players. Thus, a freezeout tourney not only enables to win a decent prize but also helps to improve your game.

Smaller Field & Prizes Known in Advance
In a freezeout tournament, the field size is usually smaller and prizes are known in advance. As the field size is often smaller, the competition in these tournaments becomes less compared to big field tournaments where you have to sit for hours and spend a lot on re-buys to return to the game. Another benefit of playing in such a tourney is that the number of players and prizes are known well in advance. Yes, when the tournament begins you know the exact number of players and prizes.

Easy to Understand & Fair to Everyone
The big reason why many players still prefer freezeouts is that they are easy to understand and fair to all the players. Everyone knows what it means and everyone understands what ‘here are your chips and you play until these chips run out” means. The success of a tourney is measured by quality and fairness. A freezeout tournament is both quality and fair to players, providing their chance to play fair and win decent prizes in the end. It is a formula that is fair to both poker pros and amateur players.

If you wish to take part in the quality and fair game-play and at the same time want to improve the level of your game, you can play and compete in various types of freezeout tournaments at India’s largest poker site Adda52.com, which hosts a range of low to mid buy-in freezeouts for online poker players in India.


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