5 Breathing Exercises when Playing Online Poker

Regularly practicing breathing exercises can calm and energize your mind and body. It also helps you to handle stressful situations… And a poker player knows there is no stressful situation more difficult to handle than when you are about to call a monster pot on the river or when your strategy to bluff a fish backfires and so on and so forth. There are in-numerous such encounters in the online felt which increase the stress and pressure of the players.

An online player knows that to combat stress, breathing exercises while playing online poker game is essential. We have curated a few exercises which will be extremely useful when playing online poker in India.

Bellows Breath: In this a rapid inhale and exhale of breath through the nose is done while keeping the mouth closed and relaxed. The in and out of the breath should be of equal duration and as short as possible. This exercise enhances your awareness.

Bellows Breath

Oceans Breath: In this exercise a quick but long inhale of breath is done with slow speed and the breathe is exhaled keeping the mouth closed and relaxed.

adda52 signup bannerBesides enhancing your awareness, this exercise also boosts your energy levels.

Oceans Breath

Square Breathing: In this exercise one has to inhale then hold for 2 seconds and then exhale through nose and hold for 2 seconds. The inhale and exhale of breath should be done slowly. It aids in relaxation.

Square Breathing

Deep breathing: Deep breathing is one of the best methods of handling stress. Deep breathing helps to relax and calm down by sending a message to the brain to release tension. Planning 5 minutes of deep breathing will help you to play better online poker.

Deep breathing

Breath counting: This exercise starts with closing your eyes and taking few deep breaths, then letting the breath come naturally. Count one when you exhale and increase your count every time you exhale. Don’t count beyond 10. This is a type of meditation which helps in relaxing mind and body.

Breath counting

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