5 Card Don Juan Poker

This is another interesting variation of the 5 card draw Poker, known as Don Juan Poker. There can be 3-8 players and it uses the standard deck of 52 cards.  The players are dealt only 3 hole cards instead of the usual five like in the normal version of 5 card draw.  The game is started by the person sitting to the left of the dealer. The players can get rid of all, some or none of the cards in the hand.

This is the similarity between 5 card draw Don Juan and other draw card games.  The cards are dealt after the initial ante. In this game, only three hole cards are dealt. These are dealt face down and the players can keep them or discard some or all of them. The game goes quite quickly from there.

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The poker strategies that are often used in any 5 card draw game are applied here. But since there are only three cards in play you will not see a lot of big poker hands. There are no wild cards in this game; you win strictly due to luck and a bit of strategy. The best hands then would be a low A, 2, 3 and on the high end A, K, Q and you can also make 3 card flushes. This is why it is a fast money game.

This is not a game you will find online or at any casino in the world. We have presented it to you as a delightful alternative to the weekly board games. As you can see 5 card draw Don Juan is a simple and delightfully fun game to learn. You will have hours of fun and the entire family can join the game.

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