5 Card Draw Double Draw Poker

5 card draw double draw poker is a game that gives the players the opportunity to win a huge pot. The game lets you discard and draw new cards twice. This not only is a chance to improve on your poker hand but it also increases the pot.

This poker game gives you an opportunity to get a monster hand, because you get more cards to choose from. This also devalues the smaller hands since there are chances that one or more players might have a high ranking hand.  This is what makes this game more exciting than any of the community games. In games like Omaha and Holdem you rarely see flushes, four of a kinds or the Royal Flush. In a game of 5 card draw double draw, these hands are normal.

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The game play starts with the five cards being dealt face down. Then the players bet on the hands. Next they choose what cards they want to discard. The dealer places these cards on the bottom of the deck and then gives each of the players the exact number of replacement cards. The players bet again. After the round of betting any one who still wants to exchange cards are allowed to do so.

Betting starts again, this time when the betting is finished the showdown takes place. As you can see you get the opportunity to build a powerful hand. It is extremely rare that low ranking hands win the pot in the game of 5 card draw double draw poker. Although, the game is not going to be found at any online casinos but you can teach it to your family and friends. Try it at your next gathering to bring a new dimension of fun and excitement to the soiree.


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