5 Card Draw Jacks or Better Poker

The game of 5 card draw jacks or better is nothing like the video poker game. This variant of poker requires 2 to 7 players and a standard deck of 52 cards. You will also need a lot of luck and a bit of strategy to do well. The game is played just like the standard 5 card draw poker, with the only exception being that someone will have to have at least a pair of jacks in their hand for the bidding to start. If no one does the deal is tossed and the cards shuffled and dealt again. The players are required to post another ante but no bidding takes place until there is one hand with a pair of jacks. This means that you could have to wait through several deals.

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After a player declares that he has a pair, the game of 5 card draw jacks or better begins in earnest.  The player with the jack starts the bidding and others may call, raise or fold. This is a game where the player who called jacks may have to show it to the others.  The fact that you have to keep posting antes makes this a desirable game to play; the pot could get quite large while waiting for someone to declare. There are some venues that impose a maximum number of antes so as to keep the pot from growing overlarge.

The game is played like 5 card draw after the jacks have been declared. There is the initial betting; the exchange of cards if needed, followed by more betting and then the showdown; some venues impose a 3 card maximum draw unless the person has an ace which will allow them to exchange 4 cards.  The player with the best ranking poker hand wins.


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