5 Card Draw Louisiana Lo-Flops

It is a game of draw poker but is much more appealing & unique. Most of the online casinos feature draw poker or one of its variants. Draw poker is appealing because it gives you a second chance to get a better shot at winning.

The game of Louisiana Lo-Flop is one of the many variations of the game that is exciting and that offers the chance at a big sized pot. The rules of games like this are really simple, and lend themselves to gambling.  The game has all of the elements of the draw poker we all know and love with a few twist just to keep it interesting.

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There are two ways to win at Louisiana lo-flop poker. The ante and the blinds signify that the game is about to begin. The dealer uses a standard deck of 52 cards and the first two cards are dealt face down. They can choose one of them to make the first opening bid. After everyone takes their turn the players get the opportunity to exchange the first card with the second one if they want to.

Now the player with the highest card wins but sometimes the game ends in a tie. When this occurs the tie is settled by suit. The suits are ranked as follows, they are listed highest to lowest – Spades, Heart, Diamond and Club.

The game of Louisiana Lo-Flop is played at many Friday night poker venues. This variant of poker is fast, fun-filled and exciting. Since you now know that the games are not likely to be found in the casinos you can be resourceful and start your own weekly games at home for fun.

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