5 Card Draw Monkey Love Poker

The original game of 5 card draw has quite a few variations and this is just one of them.  The game of 5 card draw monkey love is a poker game that you will not find in casinos but it makes a great family night surprise. The game is fast paced and you will have lots of fun playing it.

You still have to ante up and this is generally a very small bet. The dealer then deals five cards face down. Players look at their hands and a round of betting takes place.  Now, this is where the twist in 5 card draw takes center stage. Generally in a game of draw poker the cards that are exchanged are put on the bottom of the deck and new cards are given to the players. In 5 card draw monkey love you give your discards to the player to the left of you.

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In the game of 5 card draw monkey love, the players all have to say how many cards they are discarding at the same time instead of going around the table. The players look at their hands and it is now that you will lose a few players. The betting begins again. Once all the betting has taken place, the showdown takes place which is the same as in other games.

While this game is not one for real gamblers, it is a game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Even kids will have fun playing this game and it teaches them mathematical skills as well as helps them to improve their memories. You can use peanuts or other small candies as chips and have a really fun time playing this game.


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