5 Card Stud Balls Poker

This is a game that resembles 5 Card Stud game structure; with the wild cards thrown into it, to make the game more interesting. In this game, the players know that the two’s are wild cards. The dealer chooses yet another card to be wild at the beginning of the game. There can be a different wild card for each round of the play.

All the players get five cards face down. A ‘ghost hand’ is also dealt to the players. This is sometimes referred to as a “kitty hand”, it also has five cards. The player’s assess their cards and then they all hold their cards over the middle of the table, at this time all players who are folding will drop their hands. Keeping your cards up indicates that you are “in”.

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If there is only one player left at the end of a round then he has to go up against the ghost hand. If he has better cards then he wins the pot. If at least two players are left, there is a showdown and each player has to beat not only the other player’s hands but that of the ghost player as well. Now for those who stayed in and lost, they have to ante up the amount of the pot for the next round. If the ghost hand is beaten the round is over.

5 Card Stud Balls Poker Game can go on for a long time since you have to not only beat the opponents but the extra hand at the same time, to be declared the winner. As stated before, the deuces are always considered as wild cards but each time the dealer shuffles the cards he can choose what the third wild card will be. This is a game that requires strategy and it is best to only play when you have good hands since here the pot usually gets pretty big.

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