5 Card Stud Guts Poker Card Game

The Guts Games are called so because it really takes a lot of nerve to play these games. The game calls for a decision made in the blind. The players have to make their declaration to stay in the hand at the same time. Once you are out, well you are out. Among the remaining players, the one with the best hand gets the pot.

In 5 Card Stud Guts Poker there are a few things you have to be aware of. There will be an “extra hand” or a “kitty” as some call it. Before a player can rake the pot they have to beat all other players and have a higher card in their hand than the ones in the kitty.

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Stud is played by first anteing up; all players have to post their initial ante. The dealer then gives each of the players five cards face down. The players bid on the strength of the two cards that they are holding. This ends the betting and the showdown takes place. The player with the best hand wins.

The hands are ranked as in regular stud and the one with the best hand moves on to the next round. This is where you could get stumped. You have a showdown with the kitty or extra hand, all you need is one card that is higher than all the cards in the “extra hand” to be declared the winner.

5 Card Stud Guts Poker is not a game that you will find in many casinos but is still a favorite of Friday Night Poker players all over the world!


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