5 Card Stud Satan Poker Card Game

The game of 5 card stud Satan poker is a hi-low variant and it has a counterpart in Draw as well as in Texas Holdem. The game is more or less played with the same rules and same dealing structure as regular 5 card stud.

These games are generally preferred by gamblers because here they have a greater opportunity to win. Most often the showdown consists of the final players showing their hands in the game and the one with the highest and lowest cards are declared as the winners. In some instances players are required to declare a direction. The declaration is often made after the final round of betting, but this is not always the case. At some places after you make a declaration you are allowed to bet again.

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The method of declaration often varies but if you use the most common method it is done with chips. The hands are declared by the number of chips revealed. Each of the final players will take two chips. They are held out of sight and at a signal from the dealer the players open their hands to reveal what they have decided to do. If they have no chip in the hand they have just declared then they are going for the low end. One chip denotes that they want to go high. A player may also declare that they are going both ways with two chips in some cases in this game.

Now that you understand how the high/low scenario works you are ready to try your hand with 5 card stud Satan poker. You will have to ante up and then the game begins. The dealer will deal all cards in the same manner as any other stud game.

One final thought in order to win low hand in the game of 5 Card Stud Satan Poker is that you generally cannot have any card higher than an 8 in the hand.

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