5 Reasons Why You Should Play Pot Limit Omaha

Is poker getting tough for you? Is Texas Hold’em getting boring? Then it is the right time to learn Pot Limit Omaha. Though you may may not feel like leaving your favourite Texas Hold’em game, here are five interesting reasons for switching to play Omaha poker.

It’s more Fun!
Whatever game you play — it is not as fun as Omaha. Whether you play Texas Hold’em, Five Card Stud or any other variant of poker, it would not be as exciting as playing Pot Limit Omaha is. If Texas Hold’em takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master, then PLO takes 10 minutes to learn and 100 lifetimes to master. Say, if you think flopping a pair and flush draw in Texas Hold’em is fun, then try flopping two pair, a gutshot, a flush draw, a backdoor flush draw in Omaha and see how that feels!

The Up-and-Coming Game
Believe it or Not! Pot-Limit Omaha is incredibly growing in popularity as now more and more people are learning, playing and loving the game. This has ultimately lead to exit of the games like Limit Hold’em from poker industry as such games are now seen in the early stages of extinction. So, if you want to play poker for lifetime, then today is the right time to learn how to play (and beat) the most popular game at any given time. Hence, learning Omaha poker will benefit you in the long run.

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The Games are Softer!
Let’s talk about the level of complexity of poker games. The level of complexity depends on how an average poker player plays the game. For instance, games are considered to be softer if an average player is worse excluding his status of recreational or professional player. Some of the poker studies have revealed that there are no 24-tabling robotic maniacs able to play profitably at PLO, the same do not applies for Texas Hold’em. Furthermore, it is ‘so-far-unsolved’ that even the best of the best mass-multitabling is not going to beat a decent player with their head on playing only a couple of tables, and the same is doubtful about other variants of poker

The Faster-on-the Draw, the Better
Now is the time to decide whether to shift to Omaha or not. Initially, you may been a player who may lose money to professional players. But soon, you will be among them battling down the No Limit Hold’em players who have newly switched to Omaha Hi poker. Hence, the more time you take to switch to Limit Omaha, the more challenging the games will be, and this will ultimately increase your training time to practice the game and emerge as a winning player.

PLO Trains You in Other Forms of Poker
Pot Limit Omaha is one such variant of poker that trains and equips you in other variants of poker thereby increasing your win-rate. The skills specific to Omaha like variance handling and tilt control help you to become a versatile poker player, i.e, you will easily adapt to other variants of poker. For example, the downsings and upswings are vicious in Omaha as compared to other variants of poker. So, you will be able to easily overcome these swings in poker games like Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker, etc. Similarly, you may come across typical situations in Omaha when being patient on the table would be more important than going out of control. This ‘tilt control’ is common skill required in all forms of poker.


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