7 Card Stud Black Mariah Poker

This is another variation that is actually similar in structure to “Follow the Queen”. Again, all the queens are wild and can be used as a substitute for any other card in the deck. A specific feature in this variant is that the queens take on some special properties. For instance, if a queen is dealt face up to a player, in the hand or on the boards, the very next face up card becomes a wild card. 

Now, here is the twist if the same circumstances occur again then whichever card follows the queen becomes the new wild card. The previous wild card goes back to its regular value. The game can only end if a single player has the best hand and the highest spade. The spade will also have to be dealt facedown.

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The main rules of 7 Card Stud Black Mariah Poker Game are:

1) All cards dealt after a Queen face up are wild.

2) If last card up is a Queen, no other card is wild in the game, except all Queens.

3) A player can pay an agreed sum for a Queen when it is his/her time to bet.

Once the queen of spades is dealt as one of the face up cards the game is over. The pot can either be redistributed or left to be won in another hand. The second option is how it is most often played since the more money in the pot the more inclined people are to stay with the game.

The wild cards make it “pretty wild”, exciting and give the players infinite possibilities. Players tend to hit very big hands with greater frequency than in a standard game of Holdem or 7 Card Stud. Therefore, hands are sometimes devalued playing this variation as people are hitting bigger hands.

Currently this variation of poker is not featured online but you can always enjoy this variation with your family & friends.


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