7 Card Stud No-Limit Poker

This is one of the original forms of poker ever played in the gaming world. Like Texas Holdem Poker, this is another popular card game at some of the places. This is the game of choice for a lot of skilled players and is generally considered as a pure form of poker. The game relies more on your skills and memory power, than just on pot manipulation and blind luck.

But, if you are looking for a fast paced game, then stud is not the game for you. It is a thinking man’s game and some players may also require quite a bit of time to ponder their options. People who play games like bridge will enjoy playing 7 Card Stud.

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Although the game play is a bit slow, the bets can get bigger especially if you are playing by the 7 card stud no-limit poker rules. The game structure has a minimum bet but not maximum; the minimum is always equal to the larger of the two blinds. Raises have to be greater than or equal to the last amount put in the pot. This holds true in all cases except if a player is going All-IN. Moreover, if a player has already checked or called, he cannot change it to an ALL IN bet. This rule applies only if the ALL IN bet is less than the current pot.

No limit poker games adhere to some pretty strict guidelines; Wagering for instance in this game, a wager is not irrevocable until the chips are in the pot or unless the player has verbally made his intent to wager a certain amount. If what he puts in is different from what is said, the game will be halted until the discrepancy is fixed.

Finally, since no-limit can mean a very large wager, a player can continue to put chips in until the full amount of the bet has been reached.


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