7 Card Stud Poker Card Game

American History is riddled with references to this card game. Stories of our outlaws and heroes often center on a game of 7 card stud. The game is still very popular, especially with the older players. The game is offered by a lot of online and “brick and Mortar” casinos around the world. It is thought of as a thinking man’s game and relies on your ability to remember what is played and to count the cards.

How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker and its Rules
In 7 Card Stud Poker, before the deal, all antes must be paid. The dealer gives 3 cards to each player, dealt one at a time; two are face up and one face down. The betting starts by the person who shows lowest card. After the betting gets completed the second face up card is dealt. This time the betting gets started by the person who shows the highest two card hand.

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Players can make a “call” equal to the previous bet which means they cover the precious bet; or Raise it higher (generally undertaken when a player has a strong hand and wants the pot amount to increase); or fold, this is player’s resignation from any interest in the pot. Then 5th and 6th cards are dealt in a similar manner.

The 7th card is dealt face down and thus it is now the time to put together the hand that you think has the greatest probability of being the best, at the table. This is where, having a good memory, makes all of the difference. If you can remember what others had when they folded, you can get an idea of what hands could be made from what is left.

Moreover, learning to read the other player’s mind will also help you to become a better player and you could win more pots. It is like being an intelligence agent; you are constantly aware of what is going around and store this information for use; when you are preparing your hand for the final showdown.


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