7 Card Stud Razz Poker Card Game

This is the 7 card stud for all those who chronically get low poker hands. Here you can probably become the big winner. The worst hands are the potentially the winning hands. If you get Ace deuce draw, on a small straight, that would be the greatest spot to be in for Razz Stud Poker. Even a royal flush is not the biggest hand in this poker game. In razz, getting the small straight is called “the wheel” or “the bike” and you can ride off into the sunset with your winnings.

This game is not like Omaha or any other Hi-Lo poker games you may know. 7 Card Stud Razz Poker is all about getting the lowest hand possible. In Razz Stud Poker, a winning hand cannot have any card higher than 8; this makes it all the more difficult.

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Before the cards are dealt every player puts in his ante. Three cards are dealt in the beginning; two are face down while one is face up. The player with the highest face up card starts the betting. The betting goes around the table clockwise from there. The player may bid, raise, call or fold just like any other stud game. The next card is dealt and the betting goes on as usual; this is the 3rd street. And on to 4th street, the same actions take place and the same goes for 5th street as well.

Now we reach the 6th street, this is the time when you should begin to formulate your strategy, deciding how you will play out the round. Betting takes place and the final card is dealt face down. Each player now has 3 cards. This is the ideal time to make a move if you have a strong hand; you can bid others out of the pot or bluff them if you dare.

After the betting is complete, there is a showdown among the remaining players. The one with the lowest hand i.e. 8 or less becomes the winner.


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