7 Card Stud Sequence Poker Card Game

Sequence Poker Rules and the game play are more or less same as the standard Stud games. The structure doesn’t deviate much from regular 7 Card Stud. The main difference is that all the cards are faced up.

There are wild cards in this game and as a matter of fact any card can be made wild and this is the nature of the game but the kicker is that the cards have to fall in a sequence. When the dealer is passing out the cards, if a 2 falls it is wild, then as the play goes on and a 3 falls, then it becomes the wild card.

7 Card Stud Sequence Poker is a game that can be a bit nerve wracking, because if you build your hopes on your wild card to win the game for you, you can still be knocked out of the game at anytime.

The ‘Bring in Bet’ is made after the first 3 cards are dealt. As with most forms of stud the player having the lowest hand starts the betting. The ante and table stake determines what this bet should be.

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‘Forth Street’ is the next card played and after all players receive their cards more betting takes place. This time player with the high hand starts the betting. Player can bet, raise, check or fold as they desire. If a player raises the bet to Rs 300, all further calls or raises are in Rs 300 increments.

The next card is on ‘Fifth Street’, followed by a round of betting, again started by the highest hand on board. The Rs. 150 bets are no more: all bets and raises are at the higher Rs 300 increments. ‘Sixth Street’ is the exact duplicate of 5th: an up card is dealt, player with highest hand starts the betting, and all bets and raises are at the higher Rs 300 increments.

In Sequence, the betting on ‘Seventh Street’ is also identical to ‘Sixth Street’, except that the card dealt is the last card and it is always face down. Now you have to decide which your best 5 cards are. If your cards are weak, it is better you fold out. But if you are certain your hand stands a chance you can definitely bet or raise. Either way, the showdown is the most exciting part of any game.

The best 5 card poker hand takes the pot. Remember wild cards only qualify for up cards.


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