7 Card Stud Six Kick Poker

Poker is without any doubt, one of the most famous and exciting table games in online & live casinos. Poker holds the potential for a player to win big money. However, to succeed in poker cash games and competitions, players need to be knowledgeable.  Exploring the various interesting variants of poker, one can assess which games suit their style. The popular game of Stud Poker has many variants and Six Kick Poker is one of the most played versions of it.

For beginners and intermediate players this is a game that is easy to learn and it has faster game play than most other variants. We will give you a brief synopsis of the game and its rules.

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How to Play and Rules

Three to eight people can play 7 Card Stud Six Kick Poker. It uses the same game play and betting structure as 7 cards stud poker; the difference for this variant is that the players only receive 6 cards. The 7th card is dealt only after all the betting has taken place. Each player can opt to replace a card in their hand. If the card they replace is an up card they get an up card, if it is a down card the replacement is a down card.

The players have to pay into the pot a predetermined amount to replace the card in their hand. This is generally the same amount as the minimum bet to replace the up card and double to replace a down card. The showdown reveals both a high and low card winner who will split the pot.

There is a maximum of 2 kicks in a game followed by a round of betting and then the showdown.


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