9-Step Poker Warm Up Routine

Do you play card games online? Is poker your favourite game? Have you ever had a bad day in poker? A day when you had second guess every game move you make or ever hesitant to bet.  It’s natural, after all we are only humans, and we cannot function at peak performance all the time. To ensure we play consistently most of the time, it is good to develop and implement a warm up routine. A ‘perfect’ poker warm up routine help you play online poker at your best at all time. Here is a brief 9-step poker warm up routine for winning sessions:

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  1. Online poker demands focus, so isolate yourself from distractions if you want to maximize your win-rate.
  2. Take a break between the sessions. Use the restroom but don’t abruptly pause right in the middle of a session.
  3. Switch off your phone or make sure it’s out of sight so that you’re not constantly distracted by messages and notifications.
  4. Sign out of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.. There’s no need to be checking news feeds and chatting with friends while playing.
  5. Have a finger food if you’re hungry. Playing on an empty stomach can affect your decision making.
  6. Shut out the noise as it can easily break your focus. Leave a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door to make sure your family members won’t disturb you. Keep the windows closed to avoid car horns, police sirens, etc.
  7. Stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water handy to let your brain operate effectively.
  8. Dedicate an hour to study for every two hours spent on the felt.
  9. Stabilize your mental state by meditating or listening to music as you may be significantly affected by fatigue and emotional states.

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