Advance strategy for Six-Max Poker Tournament Players

The 6-max poker game has gained a lot more popularity, especially over the last few years. The reason being, it feels a bit close to the true nature of the poker game. The pace is always faster with lots of action on the table. Since every player sitting on the 6-handed table stays active through the game, it brings in more excitement. While it is an exciting game, not many people know how to play it. Here, we share some useful tips that may not guarantee a win but may help you to be a winning player.

Play Tight From Early Positions
Your position matters in every variant of poker. If you are in the early positions, you need to play a bit tight. Keep in mind that the level of aggression varies from position to position. Being aggressive is okay if you are in the late position, but being aggressive in the blinds and early positions is not a good idea. The biggest mistake many 6-max table players commit is that they play many hands and play them aggressively, thus losing all their chips in few minutes and getting out of the tournament. The right thing to do in this position is to fold one-third or even three-fourth of your hands. No matter how big the pot is, don’t involve in it unless you have a big hand to win the pot from your opponents.

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Don’t Play with Fish Enough
Fish is someone who plays very tight. These types of players act only when they have something strong. If they raise, re-raise or go all-in, it means they have something strong with them to beat your hand. You know that you are very bad post flop but you are still calling or raising against the fish, you are making a big mistake, as you could lose a substantial amount of your chips. In some cases, you could even lose all your chips. Make sure you identify the fish and play carefully against him or her.

Don’t Forget to Be Aggressive
Aggression is considered key in all poker variants and 6-max poker tournament is no exception. On the 6-max table, there are times when you need to be aggressive enough especially when you have powerful hands such as top pairs. When having a big hand, it is always a good idea to start with a raise and don’t let limpers see the flop for free. Once you have seen the flop and feel that you are going to win, you can go for a re-raise or even go all-in. This will not only help you to drive away limpers or even raisers but also help you win a big pot. It is good to be aggressive with strong cards. However, if these cards don’t match the flop, it is almost of no use of raising or raising, as you could lose a substantial amount of your chips to the opponents. So, be aggressive only when you have hit the flop.

Play More Hands from Late Position
The 6-max tournament is very similar to other variants in terms of action from the late positions. In this type tourney also, the position is always important. When you are in the late positions, you have an advantage over opponents. You can watch their actions, read them and find out what cards they have and this eventually makes your decision easier. Typically, the later your position is, the more hands you can play and win. A late position also enables you to make a good bluff and take the pot from your opponent at the table. However, going all-in to bluff from the late position especially when don’t have something strong is not a good idea, as you could lose it all in chips if someone makes a call.

Adjust Your Game Based on Opponents
Lots of poker players who win slightly often play a set style and don’t adjust their game according to the situations. They just sit down and go on to play a few hands, giving up certain boards, calling ,raising with certain cards. This is good and fine, you need to know these things to be a winning player. However, you need to adjust your game if you want to be a successful player in the long run. When playing against a fish in the big blind, play more hands from early or late positions. Raise against limpers to drive them away. Raise against the players who often fold their hands. Try to steal from the tight players in the blinds. This adjustment may help you to amass more chips and win big.

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Bhupendra Chahar
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