Amateur Poker League

The WPT (World Poker Tour) is the brains behind the Amateur Poker League. They host Texas Holdem tournaments around the world. These amateur events allow you to get into tournament play action while still learning the game. The tournaments can be found locally and you can also enjoy the special food and drink they offer at many venues.

You can sign up for these events online and the local events are actually qualifiers for the million + dollar World Poker Tour Amateur Championship. Every year there is a chance for someone to become a new millionaire, courtesy of the WPT. As a member you are also given the “reward points” for placing in the tournaments and you can redeem these for WPT prizes like their official poker gear.

You can find the venues in your area and start playing. The ranking particular venues lead to a local Championship, and then you head to the regionals and then the National championships. If you are lucky enough to be at the final table at the semi- annual regional championship tournament you are going to get to the National level.

Being in the World Poker Tour, Amateur Poker League is a great way to get to play in the big money games that are televised. You have an opportunity of not only to become rich but also very famous. The games do require that one should have a bankroll, as there is buy-in at all the venues.

They play the standard version of Texas Holdem; and in the tournament you have to keep winning to place high enough in the rankings to be awarded a payout. Most local venues or satellites online will allow you to buy a seat for as little as $50.00. This is a small sum of money and also will give you an opportunity to hone your skills; and if you are good enough you could go all the way to become a bracelet winner!

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