Amateur Poker Player League

In a world of obsession with games the Poker is out to carve its own niche. If you are really fond of poker games then you can try joining the Amateur Poker Player League. This tournament is literally taking the world by storm at the rate at which it has become UK’s biggest Poker tournament. The best part of the story is that you can play without losing your money over any kind of financial payment. The whole game is completely free. Many people are addicted to it when they are watching in on the television but the real fun comes when you participate in the big competition. It’s almost like inviting the adrenaline rush for the ultimate game. However it is necessary that you know how to fold or play each hand with perfection and expertise. Most players are inept at folding and that is where they lose out. It is also important that you decide whether you are playing these tournaments in the casinos for long run or just for that one hour. If you really want to learn, learn it thoroughly as if you were going to play on forever in each Poker tournament.

What started originally at Berkshire has been spreading like wildfire over to other locations of UK and what is best is APPL(E) UK Poker League can make you sit up for the most scintillating experience. Now it has grown to London, Buckinghamshire, West and East Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire etc. All you have to do is find out which is your nearest venue so that when the time comes you can just participate and play. To enroll yourself you have to be 18 years old. If you can win you can surely avail some of their prizes. The new members who join the APPL(E) simply come and before they realize they are as good as the new in the battle of Poker. The APPL(E) prides itself in being recommended to friends by those who have already participated. Hence if you get a call then this might be your chance to prove your prowess and there is no point in procrastination.

Though, the number of venues keep increasing in case of each poker tournament, the excitement never seems to dwindle even for once. Those who have participated cannot get enough of it and those who have not cannot wait to begin. If you go online you can find enough information on the game. This will be more than enough to get you started. Once you know the venue it’s just a stone’s throw away to the ultimate thrill.

APPL(E) has limited Stakes Prize to £100/ day at all the venues and only 2 players will be awarded if the number of participants is less than 10, to 3 players if it is more than 10 and winner takes all if only 2 players are playing.

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