Betting Time: Is it an Online Poker Tell?

Today online poker games also give you an opportunity to place bets. Thus with bets placed with correct analysis and better understanding of the situation one might also profit from online poker.

And with advancement things have become more and more realistic. Thus just like in a live poker game where you get a hint from the facial expressions and hand movements about the opponent player’s possible move, there are provisions for such hints in online poker as well. It is although not so apparent and you need to have an understanding of these online tells to make use of them and also benefit from them.

Timing tells are the most popular online poker strategies. If your opponent player bets too fast then it is usually very obvious that he is holding a good hand which he or she knows will win them that hand or is looking out for a straight draw or flush draw to beat all other players on the table. The instant bets usually involve high stake. Thus if one notices such a tell then it is very important that he plays his best hand. However, one might encounter opponents who are very impulsive and place bets instantly without even realizing the actual scenario of the game. In such a condition one might end up losing some of their best cards. In such cases it’s very important to know your opponent and the best betting time in order to benefit from the instant tells.

Even with slow playing opponents it is possible that they are amateur and might end up placing the next bet almost too quickly. So you need to be really sharp to notice these things and place a value bet if you sense it could get you a dice rolling. You may then play a masquerade with a wide range of misleading moves to mislead opponents and eventually make the opponent fold.

Another form of online poker tells is the way your opponent player buys stacks. If your opponent player tends to buy anything and not just the minimum or the maximum stack size then it indicates that he or she is and amateur. You can easily make them fold.

Usually in most of the multi table poker games the players involved are quite experienced with considerable amount of successes before. They tend to put in many hands altogether for more thrill. In such a condition one needs to keep up his or her guard and be in their best forms.

A shrewd player will always look for the above said signs of weaknesses and benefit from them.


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