Building a Bankroll

It’s the biggest challenge to build a bankroll in poker games, as a majority of the most seasoned players end up losing their stakes by the end of the game. Thus, you should take the right risks when building a bankroll and keep it stable through bankroll management tricks. Some recommend having enough bankroll for at least 300 Big Bets for Hold-em, whereas some say that you should have enough for 500 Big Bets to avoid worrying on the days you aren’t doing so well. 

Learn from experience-
It’s not possible to have a thousand dollars in your bankroll in the very first game you play. Building a bankroll takes a lot of patience and consistency. You should not start betting early on in poker as then you’ll lose all the money you’ve made in building a bankroll. Rather, observe the trends of the game and then decide how many bets you can place in order to have a stable bankroll, and yet take risks. Great things are not accomplished in a day. If you expect miracles overnight, it is a perfect recipe for failure. Don’t stretch yourself. Play nicely and work your way up.

Start from Scratch-
The secret of bankroll management is to play as many tournaments as you can. You can kick start building a bankroll by attending $10 tournaments, and continue playing them till you have a satisfactory amount in your bankroll. Bankroll management is concerned with how well you can move from a $300 bankroll to a $3000 bankroll by entering tournaments that have higher minimum values and encourage you to take risks and make profit. Remember that while building a bankroll, the lowest amount does not matter, its only how much you finally make of it.

It is recommended that if you have lower starting amounts, you should start with low limit cash games or low limit sit and go tournaments like $1 or $5. But at the same time, beware of the entry fee as a fee as low as $1 could still make it a rake of 20%. Once you build your bankroll to a decent amount, you can move to $10 sit and go or even move up to $1-2 limit hold-em.

Cash games and Sit-and-Go tournaments-
Learn bankroll management by playing these games which rake in great profits. You can save in on your bankroll through cash and go poker tournaments, which are low games with small bankrolls, but help you in building a bankroll. Cash games are great ways to learn bankroll management as you can start off low, but increase your stakes as you proceed. Sit n Go tournaments help you gain a great deal of experience while containing the risk to an amount.


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