Burraco Rummy – How to Play & Rules

The number of players for this game is limited to two, especially when played online. This may seem odd to those who are used to playing it else where. It uses two decks of 52 cards and 2 jokers.

In tournament play, the player who reaches the target score first wins the pot, in quick games it is the player with the highest score. Burraco Game, like all other rummy games, is played in rounds and you must make melds in order to gain points. Once a player has melded every card he has and discarded, the game is over. The score is determined by value of the cards in your meld. You can meld at anytime unlike the rummy games where your first meld has a predetermined total.

Card Values
Number cards, with one exception, are worth 5 points each. The King/Queen/Jack are worth 10 points. The Ace is worth 15 points and the joker is worth 30 points. Now for that exception we mentioned; the deuce is played like a joker and is worth 20 points.

Sets can be made of cards of the same rank and since there are two decks, suits may be repeated. Conceivably you can meld with 5 of club, 5 of club and 5 of heart. Also use the deuce or the joker to fill out a meld.

A run is the same as with other games i.e. three or more consecutive cards in a suit. You can use a joker or the deuce to fill out the meld here as well. Now this is when it gets interesting.

Clean Burraco – this is the hand the game was named for. It is a set or run that contains no jokers or other wild cards. Now here is what makes it different from any other card game online, you have to have a run of 7 or more of the suit for it to qualify.

Dirty Burraco – this is almost same as a clean burraco; the reason it is considered dirty is because it is made with at least one or more wild cards.

How to Play
The goal of the game, both for the individual and the couple is “Close” i.e. running out of cards in hand (in the case of the pair, it is sufficient that only one of them runs out of cards in hand), but only after completing at least one Rummy and have already received a one of the bunches (i.e. “gone well”).
The game is played by drawing to begin and discarding to end a turn while melding or building takes place as an option before discarding. You can lay down a meld at any time.

With this game however there are two side stock piles. One is a reserve stock pile and is used until all the cards run out then the game is over. The other is a reserve refill pile; this is used to refill a players hand once per round until the round is done.


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