Burraco Rummy Strategy and Tips

Although it is impossible to put all of the nuances of a game into a small article, here we have attempted to give you a head start at making a good shoe for yourself at the Burraco tables. One of the first things you got to have is discipline. If you are too free with your funds you will not play very long. You have to bet frugally until you have the rules in your mind and have got the hang of online gaming. It is a bit different than playing with friends in your living room. The important thing is to not get carried away early on.

When starting a game as complex as Burraco you will make mistake’s. This is to be expected, manage your funds so that a minor mistake won’t cost your entire bankroll. This is a game that changes so swiftly that if you are not on high alert you could get run over.

The focus should not be on getting rid of your cards as quickly as in other rummy games but on point accumulation. By dragging the hand out you can make more and better melds. The more melds you have the better, if the discard pile has cards that you can possibly use in a meld in two or three turns, pick the respective cards from the pile. Even if you are the first one out in the round, your point total could still be higher than the winner’s. This is a good thing. Try to remember you are working towards a point goal.

We cannot tell too convincingly how much role does concentration play in this game; but still watching what others are doing and learning from what they discard will help you to make great melds and it will also keep you from holding onto cards that are already dead.

Finally before you risk your bankroll at all; play some of the free Burraco games available online. This gives you practical experience and moreover, learning from your mistakes will not cost you a dime.


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