Can you actually learn through TV Poker?

There are numerous ways of learning poker for beginners; from subscription based online programs to countless poker books. But a lot of players chose a third option of learning through TV, as subscriptions can be expensive and books too boring.

  • There are many versions of televised poker games which are created for amateurs to help them learn the finer nuances of poker. They are essentially tutorial games which highlight all the various kinds of poker strategy and tricks of bankroll management to help you learn how to keep your bankroll intact and play a great game at the same time.
  • TV Poker helps not only learn new poker strategy, but also to appreciate and enjoy the poker game and take an active interest in poker championships. If there is anything you should learn from TV poker, it is the beauty of the game and how to play and enjoy simultaneously.
  • While watching TV poker, it’s always helpful to make a note of any interesting move you witness. This way, you’ll also learn to identify  the common mistakes and remember to avoid them through good poker strategy.
  • Televised poker, apart from teaching you new poker strategy, also teaches you how to maintain the right attitude on the board. You can also learn what percentages you must maintain in order to play a multiple-hand poker game.
  • Amateur poker players who always hope to watch every move of TV poker are to be disappointed as the poker championships played on TV are played by extremely talented players whose moves are too quick or complex to understand. Thus, you have to watch other forms of televised poker in order to learn poker strategy and improve on your game. But TV poker can teach you the spirit of the game and careful watching can also help you pick up some useful strategies.

There are a lot of useful things to be learnt from TV Poker. But we should not forget that the poker we see on TV is quite unrealistic.

  • First of all, they are only showing the final table on TV which is edited to show only exciting moments where there is huge amounts of money involved. They don’t show the hands where all the players fold to the big blind or the other not-so-exciting moments like shuffling of cards or counting of chips.
  • Also, viewers of TV poker tend to think that the entire game of poker is about bluffing as they see only those moments on TV. Players don’t see the kind of effort or time that would have gone into the game before you can pull off even one bluff.
  • And last, but not the least, the players in actual tournaments have interacted with their opponents for some time or even days before playing against them at the final table, but in online poker, this advantage is not available.

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