Canasta Rummy Strategy and Tips

This is one of the complex games in the Rummy family of games. It is the one that can be played as a team and so this means each team-mate has to be alert to what directions the others are taking. In addition, it is also a game of skill and judgment. The line between being given a bonus or a penalty is very thin and this makes scoring quite a bit harsher than in other rummy games. If the game ends and you or your team did make any canasta melds, you are penalized.

You get different bonus points for different types of sets. Take the example of 7 canasta meld and the Aces meld. Both these melds give you additional points. But if you have 7 canasta meld in your hand and another person or team goes out you are penalized higher. So this is where the judgment call is crucial.

Here, the 2’s and jokers can be melded in any combination. This is a special canasta and should only be attempted if you have a large number of wild cards.

Keeping track of what was discarded is the key to win in this game. Although it is advisable to draw from the stock pile; when there are cards in the discard pile that you can use immediately, do not hesitate to do so.

Finally bear in mind that canasta is a fast paced and dynamic game where concentration is the key. Luck is not needed as much as in other games. In this game, knowing the rules such as the melding sequences and their point or penalty values will allow you to play much better. It is more of a game of skill and so taking risks could be suicidal while playing this game. Limit the risks and then use your skills.

The best way to gain proficiency with Canasta Rummy game is to play it more & more often!


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