Card Suits and Symbolism

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June 5th, 2015 08:58

Card games have always been a part of our culture. In fact, India has been home to many card games like bridge, rummy, poker, teen patti etc. Most of us would have played these games once for sure. Many people even own deck of cards at home to play with, in leisure time. Few rounds of a card game with friends can make you feel free from your hectic schedule.

Card games are not only considered as the games of skill but they also somewhere connect with us because of the deep astrological aspects veiled inside the symbols of cards. Have you ever thought of those typical symbols engraved on cards? Ever wondered about the concept of using 4 suits in a deck? Well, if you have been unaware of these mysterious facts; it’s time to explore them –

Card Suits and Symbolism

  • Hearts – A heart represents the season of spring. It is also supposed to be a representation of “childhood” phase of human life. It signifies the element of fire.
  • Clubs – The club represents the season of summer. It signifies the phase of “youth” where one emphasizes on education, irresponsibility etc. A sign of club is the epitome of element of earth.
  • Diamonds – This symbol signify the season of fall or autumn. It represents the “growing” phase of human life where a person strive for his/her career. In short, a diamond is an epitome of growth, responsibility, values, security, etc. The element of air is represented by this symbol.
  • Spades – A spade symbolizes winter season. It is considered as an epitome of “old age” when people learn wisdom, acceptance, transformation etc. This symbol signifies element of water.

There are total 52 cards in a deck which are supposed to signify the number of weeks in a year. The 13 cards of a single suit symbolizes 13 lunar months. 365 is the total of all the value numbers on the cards.

Each value number of the card characterizes a keyword which tells us about the nature of card.

  • An Ace stands for Desire
  • Two stands for Union
  • Three is for Faith
  • Four is for Satisfaction
  • Five symbolizes a Change
  • Six is for Adjustments
  • Seven is an epitome of Victory
  • Eight stands for Power
  • Nine represents New beginnings
  • Ten symbolizes Success

The cards of royal family i.e. king, queens and Jack represent various historical figures. Frankly, the meaning of the cards have nothing to do with our actual game play; however, knowing such secretive facts add more & more interesting dimensions to various card games.

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