Contract Rummy Strategy and Tips

Contract Rummy is an exciting version of Rummy that can be played by 3-4 players shuffling 2 decks of cards and a joker. However, when 5 or more players play this card game then 3 decks are shuffled and 2 jokers are used. This thrilling card game is best enjoyed when the Contract Rummy rules are understood and a strategy is followed.

The contract rummy states that to start this game there should be a dealer. The deck is shuffled and the player who draws the lowest card deals first. The dealer deals out 10 cards to each player in each round from 1-4 deals. And from 5-7 deals, the dealer deals 12 cards to the players.

Once the cards are dealt, the contract rummy rules state that remaining cards are placed face down forming stock. The topmost card is flipped upside that indicates the start to draw card from the discard pile.

The purpose of Contract Rummy is to arrange the cards into melds that includes sequences and sets by following the Contract Rummy rules. The basic contract of this game is that players have to make 2 sets in the first deal, 1 set and 1 sequence in the second deal, 2 sequences in the third deal, 2 sets in the fourth deal, 2 sets and 1 sequence in the fifth deal, 1 set and 2 sequences in the sixth deal and in the last deal they have to make 3 sequences.

In contract rummy, if the topmost card in the discard file is not required, then any player can pick the card. Additionally, the player who picks the card should also pick a card from the deck as a penalty and he will not lay off his card until his turn comes, since it is not his turn.

Always remember, jokers are wild cards and can be used to form a meld except a basic contract.

Moreover, understanding the contract rummy strategy increase the chances of your win unless luck plays its part. One strategy to win is to go for cards that have more value. You should also try to know the contract types as it helps you understand your opponents’ moves.

Because of its fun quotient thousands of players come online to play contract rummy and win cash prizes.

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