Dealing with Poker Burnout

Are you a regular poker player? Have experience many poker upswings and downswings? Then you must have heard this quote “running bad” many times from players who are either a low limit game grinders or the stars of tournament arena. The very important thing to recognise while you are running bad is to understand the difference between running bad and playing badly. Moreover, you need to take control of such a situation to prevent ‘running bad’ turning into ‘going mad. Following are some gimmicks that will help you maintain edge at the table and keep your game under control:

Switch from ATC to ABC Poker

If you are expert enough to play any poker hand from any position, but get caught at times bluffing, then you should switch from ATC (Any Two Card) to play ABC poker. If you play poker by the book, you will get to know whether you are playing badly or running bad because of variance.

Study Poker Books

You should never stop reading poker books to be a consistent poker player. If anytime you feel down and defeated with your game-play, you can look back for that book on your shelf that was there to help when you were an amateur player. You can further try to grab a new poker book by poker masters like Harrington, Sklansky, Krieger and Brunson. For instance, if you want to improve your tournament game play, you can try “Harrington on Hold’em” series on no-limit hold’em tournaments.

Boost Poker Expertise

You keep on visiting blog and poker site to sharpen your poker knowledge. It will keep you updated with latest information about poker. Keep visiting this blog as over here you will get lots of information on “how to play Poker”, tips and tricks of poker and other useful strategies that will not only improve your poker skill but also will enhance your poker tournament play.

Try Different Poker Variants and Formats

If you are a regular player of no-limit hold’em tournaments, you should try fixed-limit games to develop patience, and equip yourself with pot odds. Moreover, you can take a switch from Texas Hold ’em to Omaha Poker to train yourself in controlling the size of the pot or try Omaha Hi-Lo for enhancing your table reading skills on the board. Trying new poker variants and game formats help you improve your game-play and get on a track of consistent poker winnings.

Lower Your Betting Levels

While playing poker, in case you are facing a continuous bad run of cards and losing more than winning, then it’s time to realise that you need to get lower on your betting levels. Stepping one or two level down help you regain your confidence, brush up your skills and upholds your depleting bankroll. Furthermore, never consider stepping down to a lower level as a demotion, yet take it as a positive move that will put you back into the mental shape needed to play at the usual level.

Don’t Get Stuck Up

Have you ever heard the following quote- “Caring about poker results is like falling in love with a stripper?” Likewise, when you are playing poker, you should concentrate on your game-play instead of winnings because the variance is inevitable in poker results. Remember; it’s good to keep track of the results of each game session, but it does not relate mutually to your poker skills and abilities. And, if the game is affecting your personal life, you should rather take a break for a while than stressing about the money lost in poker.

Anukant Sharma, a strategic thinker and poker aficionado, merges his decade-long gaming expertise with captivating storytelling. His journey is marked by a quest for knowledge and a commitment to crafting compelling narratives that captivate readers.

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