Epic Poker League

The Epic Poker League is a series of poker tournaments that were started by the Federated Sports and Gaming Commission. The event was hosted at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas Nevada, USA. The games were being televised on Velocity Network and so far the attendance and viewership have been phenomenal.

The league by its very nature is very exclusionary. It is only open to participants that have already met certain stringent criteria. To play in these games one of the first things you have to have accomplished is to have won a few million over the lifetime of your career. Then you have to have had multiple wins and big cash wins from major high-level tournaments. In other words, only the best of the best are allowed to ante up in these games. The games also adhere to a very strict “code of conduct” and if you are not careful while playing you can be sanctioned or even suspended.

No one knows this League better than the person who won the first ever tournament, David Rheem, but the membership of this person was placed on probation one week later as was found to be financially irresponsible. Actually, league rules generally do not allow anyone to play in the league who has had run-ins with the law. The new commissioners’ brother was one to get denied eligibility because of his alleged involvement in the Full Tilt Poker debacle.

The general public is given at least one or two opportunities to play in the tournaments. There are a series of qualifiers that have been marketed to the GP. It is, however, more designed to get more visitors to the Casino to play in some of the lesser poker rooms.


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