Five Tips To Increase Your Odds Of Winning Chinese Poker

Given the popularity of poker, it was only a matter of time that a Chinese version would come out one way or the other. Most online gaming websites generally feature this game, along with other types of Poker for their players. The game is fairly easy, it comes with rules that are similar to other types of Poker with one exception – there’s no betting involved. It’s quite easy to play and once you get the hang of it, you should be able to enjoy a good hand of open-face Chinese poker as well. Just check out the basics and other tips posted below.

Chinese Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

  • The basics:

    Like Poker, the game is generally played with two or three players, and each player is then dealt thirteen cards, with three in the first round, five in the next to be followed by five. You would also be provided with alternatives out of which one needs to be discarded. The open-face Chinese poker or OFC (as it is termed) happens to be a game of real money poker with one important difference – there’s no betting allowed. Instead, the players are allowed to compare their respective hands with the other players. And depending on the card poker rankings, it is then determined as to whose card ranks higher. So, when comparing your cards, you need to compare your card in the first position, with the respective card that the other player holds, in the same position. And the winner gets to win points which are later on converted to cash.
  • Scooping:

    One of the easy ways to earn at this game, is to learn how to scoop. Even though the objective of nearly every player when it comes to Poker Games, is to win cash, the Chinese version is no different. While trying to compare your cards with the respective players is still the traditional way to win the game. But since the objective is to end up with as many points as possible – you may want to see if you can scoop. Scooping is the tactic where you end up winning all three hands and that’s why you always need to keep your eyes open. It happens to be one of the easiest methods for you to score at Chinese poker. That’s all the more reason that you need to keep your middle hand strong as it can prevent others from scooping you.

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  • Splitting pairs:

    When it comes to real cash games, the objective is always to win the game and earn money, right? The same applies here as well, and that’s why it is always a good idea to use the strong pair in the middle and if the other pairs are weak, then you can go ahead and split it up. This should prevent others from scooping you, and in turn, make your hand stronger, giving you a real chance at scoring more points.
  • Breaking the full house:

    When it comes to poker hands, that may sound like a dumb strategy. But what if your hand ends up being 333KK. In that case, the full house is not strong enough and the pair does not offer you much protection either. And that’s why it would be a good idea to break the full house and split it up, with one in the back and the others in the front. On the other hand, if you end up with a full house with KKK33 – even though the full house may seem strong enough – the ones in the back offer you little to no protection. And this can enable your opponents to scoop you. Thus, it may be a good idea to split the house and change one of the kings to the back, to shore up your hand.
  • Develop a strategy:

    If you are a beginner, you need to follow a few simple rules such as developing a gaming strategy, when it comes to real cash games. The objective here is to earn cash and not to make a scene or to lose one’s cool. Granted you may end up with a few hands which would make you feel like screaming. But that’s not an excuse to pick a fight with others, the dealer, or even the online gaming site either. So maintain your poise at all times, and remain composed.

These tips should enable you to win at Chinese Poker with ease; just remember that you can also play this game just for fun, and that’s what all the games should be about, right?

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar from Agra, a professional with a master's degree in Computer Science. He has over a decade of expertise in the world of poker. As a seasoned poker player, he understands the complexities of the game. Through his blogs, readers can gain valuable insight to improve their card game skills.

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