Freeroll Vs Cash Poker Tournaments

Freeroll Poker Tournament is referred to those online & offline tournaments in poker that have no entry fees. Cash poker Tournaments are the tournaments where a definite amount (known as Buy-in) is required to enter into the tournament.

Freeroll Tournament is especially helpful for the beginners who are not skilled enough in the game of poker but want to learn this exciting game without risking their hard earned money. Cash Tournaments, on the other hand, is for more skilled players and professionals who want to convert their skill into real money by wagering against other players.

The purpose of Freeroll Tournaments hosted by online poker sites is to encourage the amateur players to play as much as possible in order to understand the game better. The game format can be Ring Game, ‘Sit N Go’ or both. Though the format remains more or less the same, the Cash Tournaments mainly target more experienced & skilled players.

The prize money is higher in a Cash Tournament compared to a Freeroll Tournament because the prize money is constituted by the Buy-ins & wagering of the participants. Still, Freerolls are a safer option for an amateur poker player.

The basic suggestion would be to play Freerolls if you are a beginner, and then gradually move to smaller stakes cash games. And once you start winning games & think that you have developed a certain amount of skill, go for the fast Cash Poker Tournaments.


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  1. both are great part or form of poker game…very interesting freeroll poker game, real cash tournaments also….thanx for sharing great information which is very useful for every new poker players

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