How much of poker is skill and how much is luck?

Poker is one of those addictive games which you will keep coming back to, whether you lose or win. Winning poker by skill or luck is a very rewarding and thrilling experience. If you lose, you blame your luck, if you win, you praise your skills. Isn’t it?

The debate of whether this game is all about luck and chances or if it actually requires skills has been going on for quite some time now. However, as the saying goes, “the smarter you play, the luckier you get”.

This means, in order to get lucky you first require smartness and skills. Unless you are skilled, even luck can’t help you win a poker game.

That being said, it is clear that poker is a skill based game.

If you still do not believe that poker is a game of luck, then I will beg to differ. Why? Many professional poker players have proven that they do not need to have luck to get lucky! They win each and every game based on pure skills and experience.

Online poker in India has become quite popular over the years and there are too many skilled players making money online. A common man who just wants to distract his mind from work stress and play a bit of thrilling poker often stands no match against these skilled players.

If you want to win every game, here are the skills you need to know in order to become a poker expert!

Be a mind reader

Yes! You need to be able to understand the art of reading minds in order to win online poker in India.

Poker is nothing but a mind game. How? There are tons of strategies that people adopt while playing poker. If you are ‘lucky’, their strategy will be weaker than the one you choose. If not, you will end of losing the game.

If you are skilled at understanding the body language of the opponent and reading their mind, you will know what strategy they have picked and choose a strategy according to them. This way you will never lose a single game!

Mathematical skills

You might hate math in school, but knowing mathematics is very beneficial in this game!

In this game, one moment the ball will be in your court, in the next moment, the tables might get turned and you will end up losing the game.

You need to calculate every move and make decisions in a split second to win a game skillfully.

The skill of multi-tasking

You need to be a multi-tasker and skilled at it too, if you want to win poker.

Formulating and calculating your next move and strategy, along with keeping an eye on what move others make, is really a tiring multi-tasking job.

Getting distracted for even a split second can cost you the entire game.

Being patient is also a skill

Patience is a virtue you will be grateful for, when playing poker.

Poker is very deceiving, it gives you the illusion that you are winning in one second and losing in the next.  Being patient can help you make the right decision instead of taking harsh actions and losing the game completely.

Practice makes a man perfect, and skilled too

Indeed, practice makes a man perfect and in case of poker, it can make you skilled too!

The more you play; you will realize and learn the different tricks to make tables turn in your favor.

If you possess these skills or learn them on your own, you can too become skilled in poker. The best way to practice this skill-based poker game is by playing online poker in India.

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