How Poker Chips Are Made?

Poker has always been viewed as a smoky & shady card game & is usually associated with back alleys. But in the past few years, this intriguing game has evolved a lot & has emerged as one of the popular games of the mainstream.

As all of us know, poker is a game of cards & chips but the most interesting aspect would be to know how these poker chips are made? Let us have a look over it –

Poker- Chips

The manufacturing of poker chips is more confined to China. As they employ cost-effective methods for making these chips. The most common method of creating poker chips is by using injection molding mechanism. In this method, ABS plastic is used. It is heated to a molten state and then forced into molds. These molds are designed by professional engineers and are made by toolmakers (who frame & intricate all details of a poker chip).

Usually, two types of poker chips can be made with this standard method of injection molding. The most popular chips in the home market are made via injection molding with an ABS plastic. Some of the other designs are – the striped dice & suited designs. Another kind of chips is the ceramic chips which have a very unique texture similar to sandpaper. These are also made with the injection molding process.

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Earlier, clay was used to make poker chips. Later, manufacturers used to add some other materials along with some ratio of clay so as to make the chips more durable. These clay poker chips are manufactured by compression molding process in which the clay chips are retained to pressure up to 10,000 psi and heat up to 300 degree Fahrenheit. Most of the clay chips have an inlay which is often made of paper & is covered with a plastic film before the compression process. Once the process is complete, this inlay cannot be detached.

So this was the story of a poker chip! Do you also find this article interesting & informative?? Share your thoughts in the comment section!!

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