How To Crush Real Money Games In 2022?


In case you love playing real cash games online such as poker, then you have to learn the ideal ways to strategise, bluff your opponents and much more. When you’ll start understanding such critical intricacies, then only you’ll be able to dominate every real money game you play. 

Hence, to help you crush every opponent you face in real money poker games, we have formulated this in-depth guide, which you should go through in its entirety. 

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What Do You Mean By Real Money Games Or Real Cash Games?

Real cash games or real money games are defined by those games that involve players wagering real money against other players/bettors or the house. For instance, in poker, the chips tend to represent real money. So, the next time you play 3 Patti with Paytm cash, remember that it’s a real cash game. 

It should be learned that since real money games allow you to wager real-life funds, it’s always recommended that you’re ready to play the games by understanding the rules & regulations, studying different strategies and so on. 

When you’ll gain a thorough knowledge of the real money game you’re planning to play, the gameplay will become much more enjoyable and you’ll be able to learn from the mistakes you’ll make. For example – by learning the basics of poker, you’ll be able to learn about various table manners, betting terms, playing the game, poker jargon and so on.

Tips To Crush Real Money Games In 2022

  1. Always Stick To Your Budget

When you’re playing real money games, prepare to make a budget and stick to the same. Real cash games will not be fun if you end up overspending and become debt-ridden. Hence, it’s essential to keep yourself disciplined. 

For instance, if you set up a budget of $50 per day, then make sure you stop playing the moment you reach your limit of $50. Even spending $1 more will simply be not tolerable because then you’ll lose your state of discipline. There’s no shame in calling it a day and continuing the next day. 

The budget you’ll be setting should be within your bankroll limit that you’ve set aside for playing real money games. For example – if your current bankroll is $500 and you decide to play ten days per month, then ensure that your per-day limit is up to $50. If you spend more than $50 a day, then you’ll not have sufficient funds to play the next stipulated days. 

Furthermore, by following a strict budget, you’ll also be able to maintain your finances related to real money games seamlessly, without any worries. 

  1. Always Warm-Up Before You Start A Game Session

Do you know why professional football players warm up before playing a game? It’s to make their bodies & minds active so that they can put the best performance on the pitch. The same concept applies when you’re playing real money games. 

Whether you’re playing poker, rummy or any other real cash game online, make sure that you warm up before playing. During this warm-up session, you make a list of your strengths & weaknesses. Knowing your strengths will help you play better while knowing your weaknesses can help you prevent the mistakes that you often tend to make. 

Moreover, warm-up sessions help your mind to be active and game-ready so that your mind is ready to make even the toughest decisions in-game. 

  1. Always Have A Flexible Strategy

If you want to be a successful real money game player, then you have to be pretty flexible and adaptable with your strategies. Not every game you’ll be playing will have the same type of opponents, which means tweaking your game strategy in-game and on-the-fly is crucial. It’s like having a plan A, B, C and the like. 

In case you don’t have a flexible strategy in place, then your gameplay will be severely limited and your opponents will easily figure out your moves. The objective is to stay unpredictable and the more you’re able to accomplish that goal, the more your winnings will be. 

  1. Always Bluff At The Most Opportunistic Moments

There’s no denying the process of bluffing is a challenging aspect and not everyone can do it seamlessly. It needs skills, experience and also the ideal timing. Hence, it’s always suggested that you learn about the various bluffing methods and then proceed to do the same. 

A well-timed bluff can easily catch your opponents out of the blue and you’ll have a greater chance of taking all the pot winnings home. 

  1. Always Bet When You Have Good/Strong Hands

The ideal time to bet is when you have a strong hand or when you’re reasonably sure that you’ll win. There’s no point in betting or raising the stakes when you have weak hands or you’re not confident about winning. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing for a small or big amount of money – your logic should be spot-on regardless of the winning amount. 

Furthermore, betting correctly also helps you to enhance your confidence in playing the game in a better manner while also improving your judgmental capacity. 


At the end of the heyday, your objective should be to ensure that you integrate our above-mentioned suggestions and then utilise them the next time you face your opponents in a real money game such as poker or online rummy. Furthermore, you also need to change your strategies from time to time, to keep yourself unpredictable to your opponents. So, don’t delay and start playing the best online card games today.

Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma, a passionate poker enthusiast turned writer with over 5 years of gaming experience. Fusing her love for the game with a knack for diverse content, she explores various subjects beyond gaming. Eager to learn and share, her journey revolves around continual growth and engaging audiences with insightful narratives.

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