How To Get Started With Your Online Poker Journey?

Are you a poker fan who is wondering how would it be if you add poker to your life to enjoy some extra earnings? If your answer is yes then here, we have come up with an exciting guide for you to give you a glimpse on how to become a real money poker pro.

If you are a beginner, then you must know that a poker game is a super interesting game in which you can also earn money. Though being a poker champion depends on the strategies you apply. Let’s see, how you can step into the poker world. 

Beginners’ Tips To Start Online Poker Journey

If you are new to this world but keen to play, here are a few tips that will help you get started. 

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Research and Understand

If you are curious to know how to be a pro poker player when playing rummy online, then understanding the game is important. Poker is all about skills and has nothing to do with luck. As a beginner, you are supposed to be keen on increasing your knowledge as it’s the ultimate way to improve your results.

Find the poker books that are written by the professionals as learning from champions is the best way you can learn from their experience. Before approaching the table of poker, get your basics clear. The basic includes poker rules, poker hand ranking, and the positions of poker. All these three together set the game base.

 You need to develop this foundation at an early stage. Suppose you want to play the Texas Hold em game, you need to know the game stages and rules of the game. Understanding hand ranking is also important to play every poker game. 

You can check out the hand ranking pages on different websites to get a deep understanding of a variety of hands in poker and how they are valued and ranked. To win the game, understanding the poker position is equally important. These are the three basics you should understand deeply at the beginning of your poker journey.

Start Slow

While playing poker, you should start small instead of diving to swim with the shark. Poker is not the game to go straight towards the big goals. Mostly the beginners tend to dive in thinking they have researched well, but that is usually not the case. 

As a novice, you need to realize that you have to understand your goal and apply your poker strategy instead of bleeding your money. Starting with the low stake will work for you. If you invest less money on the card games online, you can give your full concentration over the strategies, you need to implement and not worry about a large amount of money you have invested. 

And if you invest less money at the initial stage, even if you take a wrong call you would riskless. The poker game is all about starting gradually. it will not only save you from huge losses but also increase your confidence and bring improvements in your games.

Stick To Your Playing Style

As a beginner, sticking to your playing style is the primary thing you need to do, to eventually be a pro. Nevertheless, it is essential to play according to the table dynamics, but since you are a beginner, you should play in a defined way in your strongest hands to avoid any unwanted losses. 

After being more experienced in a poker game, you can play weak marginal hands. In the beginning, hand selection is essential to get the hand ranking memorized. 

Start Playing On A Single Table

Initially out of the excitement you may want to jump from one table to another but as a beginner, you have to have only one aim so that you can learn the strategy of the poker games. 

To do the same, you need to leave out your excitement and the temptation. Instead, you are supposed to note every detail of your opponent from their possible moves to their strategies. Utilize your time on trying to read the hand ranges once you are practised your basics properly. Don’t jump on multiple table tournaments just in the beginning.

Manage Your Emotions

While playing poker, your game can get affected by your emotional state. Always remember, anger on the poker table is amongst your enemy while playing the game. When you lose the game, chances of getting sad are optimal but you need to learn how to manage your emotions and live with them as it’s just a part of the game. 

Never start a game when you are in the bad frame of mood as poker shouldn’t be your glass of whiskey when you have had a bad day. Start playing with a fresh mood as it will help you to take profitable and practical decisions. It will also increase the chance of your winning rate.


Poker is one of the top money earning games in India. Before sitting on a poker table, keep these tips in mind and imply them while playing. There are several other tips you should keep in mind before you start playing poker. 

Proper research about the rules of the games and implementation of these above strategies can make your journey of poker smooth and profitable. Who knows, gradually you can become a poker champ!!

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