How to Play Royal Rummy Game

Tired of playing poker? Or rummy? Or any other such card game ? It’s time for you to get introduced to the royal rummy game and see for yourself what you were missing out! Royal rummy is a special variation of rummy as it combines interesting aspects of poker as well as rummy which results in a wild ride of betting game based on thrill and fun. In fact, you probably have played the game, may be with a different name such as Michigan Rummy or Calliente or Poch rummy or Tripoley rummy.

For those who have not tried this game till now must read further to find out more about it. It is a simple game which enables you to win big, but only if you have the ability to survive through all its twists. All you need to do is to remain a few steps ahead of your opponent players. You can start with few poker chips and then progress to the usual method of coins and higher buy-ins.

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Rules of the game are as follow-

  • Poker chips are distributed equally to all the players with a minimum of thirty chips per player.
  • Using the royal rummy play board, place a chip on the usual eight sections of the mat and one at the center.
  • While dealing cards, hand out the usual number of cards along with an extra piece of dummy card.
  • The dummy hand is to be auctioned and the one who takes the dummy hand must keep his actual card away while playing.
  • While playing, the participants must place their bets choosing a card from the selections that will ensure the best poker hand. Gradually the bets are raised and the final best hand wins the pot.
  • After the completion of poker round, a new rummy round starts from the player sitting left to the winner of the last round.
  • This pattern continues till one of the competitors plays his last card ensuring the completion of a round. The winner takes all the chips that were at stake.

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