How to Play Seven Cards Rummy

The rules of 7 cards rummy, one of the popular rummy card games, are simple and quick. This is one way to show your card matching skills while playing against different opponents. The simplicity lies in the fact that there is no reason to keep score. You just need a standard deck of 52 cards (excluding jokers).

Rules of the game

The game begins with the dealer who deals seven cards to each player. The deal has to go from left to right in a clockwise manner. All players have to keep their cards face down on the table till every player has got seven cards. The remaining undistributed cards are kept at the center of the table and are called stock. The topmost card from the stock is taken out and placed face-up on the table to start the game.

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  • When it comes to the rules of 7 cards rummy, the aim of the game is to be the first player to ensure that they have the matching combination. These combinations can be of various kinds like a straight of the same suit or a set of different suits etc. as per the variations of combinations which are allowed.
  • All you need to do is to pick up seven cards from the table. The player to the left of dealer makes the first move and initiates the game.
  • The player can draw a card from the discard pile as well as stock but it is advisable to pick cards from discard pile only when he is confident about the card combination that can be made by using that card.
  • The main objective of 7 card rummy is to get rid of all the cards by arranging them in matching combinations. When one player successfully achieves this, he then becomes inactive and rest of the players continue the game until it is down to just two players.
  • For a player to win the game, he has to pick the card that has won but still needs to discard one card from his hand & place it face down in the pile of face up cards. He will then need to show his cards to the remaining players to indicate his end of participation in the game. If he has the winning combination, he is indeed the winner.
  • The rules of 7 card rummy are easy and one only needs to keep a check on shuffling the deck and following a clockwise rotation of the player’s turn.

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