How To Play When You Are Holding a Nut

So, you are holding the best cards on the table. Now what?

Like every other game, there are winners and losers in Online Poker. Just like you prepare yourself mentally to deal with losses, similarly, you must have an approach to handle winnings. The feeling of holding a hand that, as per your view, cannot be beaten is beyond words. At an offline or online card game table, where you are surrounded by aggressive players who are increasing the size of the bet with their frequent raises/re-raises, holding the best 5-card combination that cannot be beaten is nothing short of miraculous.

A nut is the strongest possible hand that cannot be beaten down by any other hand. To rule out the possibility of your opponents holding a better hand than you, you need to have an idea about their hand range by calculating outs and pot odds. Once you figure out that your opponent is holding an inferior hand, you need to calculate how much money you can extract from him to maximize your profits. If your opponents are betting aggressively, you can make ‘value bets’ to take advantage of the situation by building the pot as much as possible.

Although some players prefer to ‘check’ every bet after the river, playing passively won’t help you win big pots. Similarly, you have to always keep in the mind that ‘attacking’ the opponent with huge raises will make it too obvious that you are holding a monster. In order to make the most out of the situation, it is important to have your opponents stay in the hand for as long as possible. If you make any noticeable changes in your style of play (check-calling or re-raising), the players who are observing you can speculate your strength and fold their cards. You should not get carried away and start playing recklessly if you do not want your opponents to leave the table without investing a big chunk of their chip stack into the pot.

Remember that your every decision on the game table must be based on the situation, instead of what’s written in the books.

You should never make sarcastic comments on the players who lost. Always treat your opponents the same way you want them to treat you when you lose. Don’t waste your focus, energy, and time on boasting about how you played the hand and defeated opponents more experienced than you. Let your talent speak for itself.

When you are winning, you start playing differently than you would if you were facing a tough competition or losing. Winning obviously provides you confidence and belief in your skills and knowledge. Still, playing too relaxed thinking you have already won the hand can make you lose the opportunity of winning a large pot. Regardless of whether you play Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha, or Crazy Pineapple, it is crucial to maintain your focus and keep your emotions in control all the time to ensure getting the desired results.

Good players make the best of their efforts to encourage each other in order to maintain a welcoming and respectful environment at the tables. In the words of Michael Jordan, “Just play. Have Fun. Enjoy the game.” Join the action-packed Poker game to give your mental abilities an opportunity to shine and win fabulous rewards along the way.

Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma, a passionate poker enthusiast turned writer with over 5 years of gaming experience. Fusing her love for the game with a knack for diverse content, she explores various subjects beyond gaming. Eager to learn and share, her journey revolves around continual growth and engaging audiences with insightful narratives.

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