India’s Rummy & Poker Industry

Both poker and rummy are mostly played by Indians. Poker is a card game that incorporates betting wherein the winner is determined by the best forming combinations of the player’s cards and rankings. Rummy is a card game that involves making matches with the cards with a similar gameplay structure based on the same degree of sequence.

In the projection period from 2020 to 2027, the Indian online rummy and poker industry has the potential to expand by USD 2.22 billion, based on historical CAGR. The rising disposable income, simple means of payment, hassle-free transactions, changing technology, and bolstering demand for the online gaming industry in India are all contributing to the growth of the online gaming market.

The online poker market falls within the real cash games category, and India has done an excellent job of embracing the digital channel. At the moment, the industry is valued at Rs 400 crores. It has a sizable business and revenue base in India, with various companies eagerly researching and investing in the online poker market.

In India, there are already over 3 million active poker players, and this figure is expected to skyrocket in the next few years. It’s mostly owing to the shifting dynamics of the Indian online poker sector, and multinational companies have begun exploring ways to collaborate with Indian entrepreneurs. The reason for this is active engagement and exponentially increasing user numbers each year.

In India, people are starting to learn poker through some websites that offer online poker as well as some exciting poker bonus to start the game and through social apps, available on social networking Facebook. Poker (although it requires a fair amount of skill). However, the name and fame of poker in India have increased in the past few years.

Rummy, on the other hand, is also a popular game in India. Like Poker, Rummy is also a skill-based game and hence can be played to make real money through online and offline platforms. Rummy is a 13-card Indian rummy game in which the goal is to combine the cards into sets and sequences. In comparison to the traditional rummy gaming approach, the online counterpart of rummy provides a more comfortable gaming experience. In online rummy, players can log in from any location at any time and play the game.

Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, playing rummy online has gotten much easier. It’s combined with an increase in disposable cash, allowing consumers to purchase cell phones that enable online gaming sites and affordable internet data packs. The skill-gaming sector has been spurred by the availability and affordability of technology, which has boosted market share for poker and rummy digitally. An increasing number of active monthly players is also contributing to the constant development in gaming platform revenues.

The traditional game of Rummy is really interesting and the online version is beyond expectation. Websites like Adda52 Rummy allow players to play Rummy for free as well as for cash stakes. Adda52 Rummy allows its players to play in a multi-player format with minimal cash stakes but there are regular tournaments as well where players can win a hefty amount of cash.

Also, if you are searching for the best poker app for android, then Adda52 is the perfect choice to make as it offers a simple and user-friendly interface.


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