Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti is one of the most commonly played and dearly loved games in India. What sets it apart from other games is that it offers so many variations that you can never get enough of this game. Read ahead to learn about the various interesting Teen Patti variations that you can play online or at your next expedition with friends and family.

Teen Patti Variations

Joker’s Game

The dealer hands three cards to each player in this variation of Teen Patti game while also setting certain cards face-up on the board. The dealer deals a total of as many cards face-up as there are players plus three. For instance, the dealer deals 4×2+3=11 cards when there are 4 players.

The players choose one face card and toss one other card from their hands in the next two rounds. The player must reveal one face-up card even if they decide not to choose a card. The closed face-up card is eliminated after two rounds, leaving the remaining three face-up cards as jokers.

One- Eyed Jack

The conventional teen patti cash games and the one-eyed jack variant are quite similar. The Jack of Hearts and the Jack of Spades are transformed into One-Eyed Jack in the One-Eyed Jack game. As jokers, these two cards have no fixed value during the round.

Plus Sign

The dealer distributes three cards to each participant in the plus-sign game and then uses the remaining five cards to form a plus sign. The five cards are joker cards, meaning they can be worth anything.

Players can select either the horizontal or vertical set of cards from the plus symbol when playing this money earning game. The dealer chooses which set the players can pick from before dealing the cards. The joker automobiles are available for the participants to use throughout the performance.

For instance, suppose a player draws a joker card from the vertical set as number six and has the pair A-A-6. The 6 will then transform into a joker card with any value and make a trail of the pair.


One of the most entertaining adolescent 3-patti variations is banko. In this form, the dealer deals the players two face-up cards after they have placed a predetermined sum of money on the table during their wager. The players must foretell the value of the subsequent card. If they successfully predict the value, the players continue playing.

Throughout the game, there are three hidden jokers. The first joker appears when the bet amount surpasses a predefined amount; the second joker appears when the bet amount reaches the second predetermined amount; and the third joker appears when the bet amount reaches the third predetermined limit.


It has an intriguing name and is a fun Teen Patti variant, but how do you play Kiss-Miss-Bliss? The dealer hands each player five cards, and they may opt to combine two of those cards to serve as a joker.

The three pranksters in the game are Kiss, Miss, and Bliss. Bliss is the term used when two cards combine to form a joker. When two consecutively ranking cards combine to form a joker, it is known as a “kiss.” A Miss is a teen patti sequence with one missing digit.

Once they have made one of the three jokers, the players must discard the extra cards. The players then begin the game by playing with the two cards and one joker. Even if no cards result in a joker, the player still needs to discard two cards.


This variation of this card game is quite similar to the game of stud poker. The game’s rules are the same as those of the classic Teen Patti, except you must get a certain mixture of face-up and face-down cards. Street cards are the cards dealt face-up; hole cards are the cards dealt face-down.


There are two forms of this variation: 3-card community and 5-card community. In the three-card community variant, the dealer hands each player two cards, one of which is the community card and is dealt face-up. The other card is dealt face-down.

The dealer hands each player two face-down cards and three face-up cards (community cards) in the 5-card community variant. To complete a hand, the players can pair two face-up cards with one of the face-down cards.

The dealer also distributes three face-up cards face-down. Community cards can be used in place of the players’ own cards. In this variation, no player may play blind or chaal.

Discard One

Instead of dealing each player three cards, the dealer in this game deals each player four cards. The player may select the top 3 cards from a possible total of 4, then throw away one card. As everyone sees their cards, everyone must play chaal.

2 Open Cards

The dealer hands each player at the table two face-up cards and one face-down card in order to play two cards open. Standard game play follows after dealing. Based on the third card, the players select their wagers and movements. In this variation, no player may play blind or chaal.

Quick Death

A 52-card deck is dealt evenly to each player in the sudden death variation by the dealer. Each player receives 13 cards if there are four people at the table.

Until a player cries “Stop,” you can hold your cards between your ring finger and thumb and drop them. Until someone cries “Stop,” the other players likewise begin to discard their cards.

The highest-valued card left in your hand can then be chosen. The person with the highest card wins when the players compare their hands.

Crazy Draw

In the Wild Draw variation, the dealer hands three cards to each player in the Wild Draw variation before drawing a card at random from the deck. The joker card is then dealt face-up by the dealer and placed on the board.


Each player puts an ante wager in the main pot to start the in-out game. After that, the dealer gives each player three cards and sets three joker cards face-up on the gaming surface.

It is the turn of each participant to decide whether they will participate in the game or not. A player wants to continue playing if they choose “In.” If a player chooses to fold, they do so.

The players that are in must make an extra wager. While playing blind, a player may wager 1-2 times the ante stake, and when playing chaal, they may wager 2-4 times the ante bet.

A player’s cards change into fresh jokers as they are thrown out, replacing the previous ones. If more than one person is “In,” the cards of all players are evaluated, and the one with the best hand wins.

Whether it is online poker or teen patti, the internet has a wide variety of variations that you can choose from in order to keep things interesting.

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