Kalooki 51 Rummy Strategy and Tips

The secret to winning at Kalooki 51 Rummy is to take advantage of all the tips and strategies you come across. This way you can learn to play this game efficiently in spite of its seemingly complex nature. Card games are indeed games of skill, concentration and of course strategy. Each move is build on the previous and can even change the way an opponent was thinking of playing their hand. The core rules are to be considered but never forget that the game is progressive. Here are a few of the basic strategies and tips that will help you become a more successful player.

Discarding – you have to discard a card at the end of each turn; this makes this ritual a vital part of the game. The secret is to get rid of the cards that are of little use to the direction you have chosen to take. You have to be crafty here, what you discard could clue the other players as to what cards you are looking for.

Drawing – this is one of the basic rules for all rummy games. The draw is how you will find the cards you need to meld. If at all possible try to draw only form the stock pile since opponents will be watching to see what cards you pick up from the discard pile. If they can figure out what you need they can impede your progress.

Alertness – this is not a game where you can easily divide your attention. If you want to win you have to concentrate not only on your turn but also pay attention to what others are playing or not playing. This will give you the information you need to build a winning strategy. For instance if you notice a player picking up several cards that could form a sequence then you know he/she may be getting ready to make a move. Your task should be getting rid of the high value cards in your hand so you are not caught with a large penalty.

The Discard Pile – you also have to be careful of the cards you discard. A savvy player will be keeping track of what you throw away. This tells them two things: one, what you don’t need and two, it clues them in on what you are looking for. If they are holding what they think you need they will not discard it.

Games End – if you are trying to “go Kalooki” then you really have to remain on alert during the game. If your opponents already have several melds then this options poses more of a risk. Generally after two rounds players are content to just meld their way into the winning position.

These are just a few things you have to consider before pulling up to the table to play Kalooki 51 Rummy. Remember that what you have here is not rules but general guidelines used when playing the game. Will these win you every game, certainly not but following this advice will make you a contender.


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